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Kristen Owens
11:06 AM (6 hours ago)

to me
Mom and Family,

I know!!! JAZZER came to my Sacrament meeting!?!? I was seriously in shock and I wanted to cry, but I held back the tears. She looked so good and it was such a tender mercy to see her. The whole cross-country track team from UVU came, so that was fun. And it was the primary program, which was sooo cute! I love how simple the gospel is and how it makes sense to even little kids. They did such a great job. I LOVED it. And that last picture was sent by a member... we made jewelry at her house and she decided to take a picture and send it to you... so she's not a secret spy that made your phone collapse, she's the sweetest lady in the world! Anyway, I really feel like I have all these connections with people here... or the weirdest things always happen. I see a lot of random people I know, or a lot of people know people I know, etc. Small world.

And on Sunday we had our Sierra Leone investigators son with us. He is ten and is the best behaved kid in the world. We also had a part member family as well come :) their grandson is not a member and is 9 and their daughter who is 11 hadn't been to church for a long time, but they both came! :) It's super exciting. I like teaching kids more than adults... ha go figure (good thing I taught nursery in the Singles Ward! Maybe I am just not meant to act or be my age...I'm a true kid at heart) It was a good Sunday though. We had another investigator come to church who we should be able to set a date with this week for November :) whoo whoo :) We are super pumped to see people progress. I love sharing the gospel and teaching about Christ!

Last night, we had both of our appointments fall through so we decided to find. Now that it is dark outside at 7:30, people generally get pretty annoyed when you knock on their door--they think it's much later than it is, it's pretty funny :) But, one door we knocked on we got to teach the Restoration to a man who is a Bible teacher. We talked to him for quite some time about the Trinity and the Godhead and it really opened my eyes to how important having a prophet on the earth and the Book of Mormon is to understanding true doctrine. He was having a hard time accepting the Godhead as three separate beings because to him, growing up with that belief in the trinity his whole life, to have someone tell him otherwise is a big deal.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to read, ponder, and pray with faith about it. hopefully he does! That experience was in my mind because I remember testifying most importantly of my Savior and the reality of repentance and forgiveness. It reminded me again of why I am here. Not to just tell people these things, but to truly help them truly understand the role of Christ in their lives and how they can receive forgiveness and a remission for their sins. We talked about the baptismal covenant and what that means. How essential that is for us to keep throughout the remainder of our lives. It's frustrating sometimes because I feel like I understand these concepts, but can't teach them simply or clearly which means I really don't understand them! ah! It's a work in progress though.

So you are doing a biggest loser contest huh? Maybe I should join you....actually I don't know if I'd be able to give up my Nutella and pretzels.... it's the best coping mechanism for me so far... how sad is that?! And yes, I will probably come home 500 pounds heavier than what I left, but don't judge me please. It's amazing that you are starting that now before Halloween--all that yummy goodness you'll have to pass up! Crazy. I admire you for it though, don't get me wrong. You can do it! And I'm gonna guess the biggest loser will be.....not Shea (unless he loses bone and jealous), maybe I shouldn't guess, I feel like I'd offend someone haha but, you all will be healthy and skinny! :) that's my guess! You can do it!

And Makade got his call! To Tampa! Whoo Whoo! Runs in the family I guess! He'll love it there I'm sure :) And I really can't even picture Megan and Nadine with little bellies and 16 weeks seems really soon! Is it that soon!?!? Sometimes time is weird and I feel like It's been so long, but not really.

Elder Bednar said he would take a Book of Mormon and focus on one topic such as the Atonement, or Charity, or something like that and mark it accordingly... I guess he has a library full of copies of the Book of Mormon with his studies in them. I think that is so amazing! I tried doing that while being out here, but I seem to lose focus pretty easily... I love the Book of Mormon. It's so powerful. 

Thanks for the package with grandma's funeral program in it and the book and the coat! I am getting nervous for the winter, but the weather has been so pleasant here for now :) the leaves are great!!!!! It's beautiful. I want to live here in the future I think and do a bunch of outdoorsy things like biking and such :) it's great. Um...what else is there to say.. we are teaching a girl named Raquel (thats not really her name, but pretend) and she has no concept of God or Jesus Christ and she is Caucasian... which is not normal for around these parts. She is great though and agreed to be baptized on November 10th... right after transfers--hope i stay here! We are also teaching a liberian man whom we should be able to set a date with this week as well. He is sincere and our recent convert Brother Jesse is being an amazing friend and fellowshipper--sometimes I think Brother Jesse knows more about the gospel than I do! He reads from Preach my Gospel too :) he basically taught the lesson for us last time haha Anyway. He's great. Our Sierra Leone investigators are doing okay... we haven't been able to make much progress with them... they are both really busy, but he said he wants to be baptized so we'll see... We love them so much though! And it will happen :) it might just take some time :) which there is never enough of!

Speaking of time... I gotta run! Sorry if I bored you with too much unimportant details, I just love spilling my thoughts to you all. Thanks for all your prayers and sacrifices for the Gospel. Seriously, I am amazed at how much people give of their time, gifts, and talents to building up the kingdom of God. Keep up the good work! Oh, btw, I loved the Relief Society Broadcast! It was amazing about the Atonement and keeping our covenants! So great! :) I love you a lot! I think of you often and pray for you daily. I promise to give my very best to this work, no matter what happens, I will never give up, I will love the people, and I will always be obedient. If there is anything I can do for any of you please let me know. Tell the family hi! and Tell President Gottfredson I loved the email and advice, it came at a good time :) This refining process is slow, but it's amazing. I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves me enough to cut me down at times so He can make me into whatever it is He needs me to be. I am learning a lot, I never knew I knew so little. There is so much more to the Gospel than I could have ever imagined!

I love you! I'll stop talking now, talk to you next week! :)

   sister owens

p.s. tell Shea and Nadine and Makena, thanks for the package! I loved the Mamba's and ate them right up! And I especially loved the letters! Can't wait to meet my two new nephews! :) (holding kids seems like such a dream! I feel like it'll never happen!)

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