Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sister Randall and Sister Owens
These dresses were given to them by a Sweet Liberian Lady.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sister Randall is getting "trunky" and Sister Owens is getting "chunky"!

Kristen Owens kristen.owens@myldsmail.net
10:49 AM (1 hour ago)

to me
Dear Mi Familia,

Sister Randall said, "I'M NOT TRUNKY!" :) She really isn't though. I just thought it was a clever title :) the part about me getting chunky is true though...I think I am a stress eater...oops.

The battle is great here.  The summer heat is always...lovely. Time is really flying by so quickly.  Sister Randall leaves in two weeks and I will be getting a new companion and leading the area which stresses me clear out of my mind. But, President says the new companion will be great so it all works out! :) Minnesota has been such a neat experience.  The Lord really is blessing us with people to teach and lessons and many blessings.  For the first time since being here in Minnesota Sister Randall and I reached our goals and the standard of excellence for our mission. It was such a sweet feeling! Looking back on when we first arrived in the area and had no one to teach and absolutely nothing to now, it's so crazy! The Lord has provided so many things for us as we have striven to be obedient and diligent and consecrated.  We are teaching a lot more, and we have people interested and set for baptisms.  They are progressing and it is so great to see the change the gospel has and the effects of it on their lives.   I love testifying of blessings that come from living the gospel.  The Lord is so willing to bless us for our obedience and love.  And I love living more like my Savior every day.  I know it is only by living like Him that we truly come to know Him.  I have found a lot more weaknesses and shortcomings in myself than I ever imagined possible.  I would be helpless if I didn't have a Savior who knows what and who I am and how to help me.  He has literally walked in every single one of our shoes to know how He can help us overcome the effects of sin, mistakes, pains, illnesses, trials, you name it.  He is my elder brother, my Savior, my friend. 

Satan is working over time on our investigators as they get nearer to baptism.  We just have to work extra as well. Pray a little harder, listen a little harder, be a little more obedient and diligent.  There are always people spreading anti about our church and it drives me crazy.  So many people say "Oh, I know all about your church" and "you believe this and this.." and it's never true but they won't let you even say two words back.  However, the Lord is preparing hearts everywhere for us to teach and we have come into contact with the sweetest people.  The West Africans here are amazing.  They are very spiritual people and have a love for the Lord and a desire to serve Him.  They are so fun to teach and I love listening to them talk! They have many spiritual experiences.  They have lived so many hard lives with war and despair, but yet they know in whom they trust who is God.  We've had to warn all of our investigators about anti-mormon stuff because it's everywhere and people are vicious.  But, it just proves to me how true this work is.  All we want to do is help people come closer to Christ and help them receive all the blessings He has in store for them including living with your family forever.  I love this work.  You all motivate me to be a better person and missionary.  And mom and dad, I am so far from being perfect it's insane. It's almost overwhelming how far we still have to go.  But, He doesn't expect perfection, He expects immediate progress.

We had a zone meeting last week and it was neat to hear President Clements train us on how to love.  He shared experiences from His mission and how he used to be very inverted and shy, but the Lord helped him overcome that shyness and he said he learned to love. Love really is what it is all about.  Having charity is something I've been trying to work on.  It's so hard sometimes! There are so many things to think about as a missionary yet it really comes down to your love for the Savior, Heavenly Father, and others.  These people here need what we have.  Everyone needs the gospel.  I just want everyone to understand the love He has for them!

We taught the mom and her son this week and it was so cool.  The spirit was very strong in the lesson and the son even cried for the first time! He was so cute! We moved their baptism date up to the 18th of August right after Sister Randall heads out which they are sad about.  We just love them so much! The members of the ward are great and have helped a lot with the people we are teaching.  This week was hard but so rewarding! The area is blossoming and it's fun to witness it! we are working on replenishing our teaching pool because pretty much by August 18th our investigators will be baptized! Keep praying for me, I really do feel your prayers.  I'm humbled at being a representative of the Lord, but as I am striving to do my best and really work and look outward, He has blessed me with a greater peace of mind and love for the people here.  There is so much work to do!

Sometimes I can't believe I'm actually on a mission. I really wake up sometimes and think "I'm a missionary???" And it's going by so fast. But, in answer to your question mom, I think the greatest change I have seen is the softening of my heart and my ability to look outward.  I've learned I'm pretty selfish and prideful.  Leaning on the Savior and His Atonement to help change my heart and striving consistently to live what I know to be true has increased my faith and love for those around me.  I still have a loooonnnnggg way to go, but oh how grateful I am for the Atonement and the opportunity to be refined and polished a little bit more.  I love you so much and miss you like crazy! Seriously though.  But, thanks for all your support and prayers--they make a big difference. I can't imagine living life without you family.  It's one of the greatest blessings He has given us to help us along this path.  Keep up the good work! :) I'm doing my best and I will try a little harder to be a little better this week! The people here are great! And always so nice! You meet such different people from all over the world! We started teaching a couple from Sierra Leone and they are awesome! we had a baptism in our ward for a sister the Elders were teaching and it was neat to experience the feelings of the spirit as she was baptized and confirmed a member.  I can't wait for the 11th because three of the people we are teaching will be baptized! :) whoo!

I hope all is well at home :) and thanks for emailing britt's and em's letters they sound like they are doing great! :) I miss them! I even cried a little reading them haha don't judge.  Tell the family to write me letters whether it's emails or hand written please! I want updates!


   Sister Owens

Monday, July 23, 2012

Texas Heat

Hello Family!

It's another week of talking, teaching, testifying, driving, biking, heat, sweat, wetness, and the best time of my life.  This week was pretty good.  I seem to forget what happened every time I sit down to write a letter.  Tell Nadine I'll be coming home with a little accent like hers though--sometimes I find myself saying "bag" and "flag" like a Canadian or Minnesotan and I think of her every time.  A few weeks ago it even slipped out as we were having a conversation with someone.  I said "Ooh Yeah" except I said it like a Minnesotan. My companion just looked at me and I even surprised myself! yikes!

The weather has been very moist and hot! We have been riding our bikes more this week because we are running low on miles for our car. It has been hot. You are just wet--I've seriously never sweat this bad in my life and partly because it's not all my sweat, it's mostly just the wet air (or at least that's what I like to tell myself).  But, it's been a good week as a missionary.  More awkward moments. More awesome miracles. More growing and learning how to work, be a leader, and love.  Charity is something I've been striving to focus on this week because it really is the center of the gospel.  It's a motivator.

We now have 5 people preparing for baptism in August! It's crazy! And they are all pretty solid.  We love teaching them! We stopped by the woman we had been teaching and her son was there so we talked with him and he now wants to be baptized as well with his mom on the 25th! They are both doing great and progressing.  I never knew how stressful missionary work would be with planning lessons and knowing what to teach people, but I have realized as you truly learn to love them you won't ever wonder what to say.  You talk with and teach and testify of truths you know will help them and bless their lives.  And the members play a huge role in helping investigators progress.  Be a good involved member of the church!

Time is flying by! Ah! By myself, I am the weakest of the weak, but with the Atonement of Jesus Christ, He makes me strong.  Putting in every effort, your whole heart, might, mind, and strength every day is hard to do, but as we strive to give it all we have, the Lord blesses us--even if it's just having the strength to make it through the day.  I love it here. I am so nervous to have Sister Randall leave, but once again, He knows me best, He knows what I need and I know that with Him we can accomplish this work.  It would be so much easier if we were perfect thought! ;) jk

So it sounds like the family is happy, growing, and enjoying the summer! Mom, I hope you didn't get heat stroke in Texas! It's way too hot there I think! I can't believe summer is almost over--where'd it go?! That means winter is just around the corner which also means I'll be looking like an oompa loompa real soon--attractive right? yup. 

Anyway, I don't have a ton of time, but the work is going great! The elders and sisters here are really amazing people.  I love seeing how much they trust in the Lord to accomplish this work.  It takes action on our part if we have faith and faith precedes miracles.  Being proactive as a missionary is a necessity and that is something I am working on improving. 

I just want to bear my testimony to you that I know this gospel is true.  I know it with every fiber of my being.  I know God watches over us and is very aware of us and answers our prayers if we are faithful, diligent, and patient (Alma 32).  He loves us very much and needs us to do and become.  Jesus Christ lives.  He chose to come to this earth to suffer for us so we could have a chance of returning back to our Heavenly Father and living with Him and our families for eternity in complete neverending happiness.  He is my rock and my foundation.  It is only through Him that I can amount to anything.  The Atonement is real and encompasses every single person perfectly.  It's universal, yet so personal.  Angels are watching over us and preparing hearts everywhere for the good news of the gospel.  We have help from both sides of the veil.  I have felt that so many times while being out here.  Joseph Smith was a true prophet.  The Book of Mormon is the world of God--no matter what anyone says, I know it and I can not deny it.  God loves us so much He has given us a prophet to guide us and lead us back to Christ.  He tells us truth.  I know prayer is real and powerful and I know the only way we can gain salvation is through faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.  We must access the Atonement daily.  This gospel is true!!! All Christ asks is that we come unto Him and He will heal us.  I bear my testimony of all these truths in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love you family.  Keep enduring to the end.  We can do it together :) I'm praying for you and love you more than words can say.

  Sister Owens

P.S. Tell Craig good luck on His tests! We have an actuary in our ward here and he loves it. YOU CAN DO IT!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Many Mighty Miracles

MMM--Many Might Miracles (aka Minnesota Minneapolis Mission)

Kristen Owens
11:25 AM (1 hour ago)

to me
Hulllo Family!

Monday Monday Monday-I can't believe it's Monday again! What a week it has been! How are you all doing?? Are the fires out over there yet? That was a crazy few days I bet. I miss you a lot and hope you know how much I pray for you. I have a pic in my scriptures with the whole clan and everytime I look at it it brings a smile to my face and a surge of energy to work a little harder, be a little more diligent, and become a consecrated missionary.  I love you! A lot!

Tell Makena to expect a letter in the mail this week for her--that first paragraph of your letter made me laugh so hard.  I love and miss those two girls.  They are going to be so grown up when I get back! Ah! Crazy. 

Well this last week we saw many mighty miracles again! The Lord never ceases to bless us for our diligence and obedience.  We now officially have 4 date sets :) (i jumped the gun last week and told you we did, but really it's now official this week) Three for August 11th and one for August 25th.  I have to use code names for these people so we will call the couple Rodger and Kathy and the woman Suzie and her Son will be Brad.  cool.  Rodger and Kathy are doing great! Kathy had swollen feet still from having her baby so we had been praying really hard that her feet would be okay enough for her to come to church on Sunday (she has to come at least 3 more times before her baptism and there are only 4 weeks left).  And.....SHE CAME! Kathy and Rodger both came with their sweet baby girl.  They are such amazing people! They are from Liberia and have been taught for quite some time so we are so excited that they finally get to be baptized in a few short weeks.  They have amazing faith and have faced a lot of opposition, but the ward has been involved with them are were so welcoming at church.  It's an amazing process to watch the gospel change people's lives.  It is a sweet experience and I feel blessed to see it happening right before my eyes. 

Suzie finally came as well with her Son Brad! We haven't taught Brad yet but he went to young men's mutual night and also came to church and is planning on going on wednesday again! So excited.  Suzie is amazing.  Her heart is totally prepared. She soaks up everything we teach and everything she heard at church.  She always responds by saying, "that makes so much sense!" or "I've always wondered about that."  She is the sweetest lady and loved church! Her son Brad is the sweetest soft spoken kid in the world.  he is 18 and we are so excited to teach him. 

We also had met this Russian couple a few weeks back (I don't know if I told you about it).  but they didn't speak very good english so it was hard to communicate.  I guess I have time so I will tell you the story.  We will call them Dimitri and Anastasia for dramatic effect.  Sister Randall and I ran into Dimitri a few weeks back and talked with him simply and got his contact info, which happened to be wrong.... that never happens! (thats a joke).  anyway, we were teaching a man named....Kaladja.... and we had a member with us named Mary (?).  Mary's daughter was a week away from getting home from her mission from Russia and we had talked with her before about Dimitri and such so we were excited to meet Mary's daughter and have her come with us to teach Dimitri.  Well after the wrong contact info and such we thought we had lost contact.  When Mary, Sister Randall, and I went to teach Kaladja who happened to live in the same complex as Dimitri--we ran into Dimitri again! And Mary was talking with him and telling him her daughter wants to meet him and such and he was kinda confused I think because he can't speak very well...but a minute later, his wife pulls up in her car and she can speak english a little better and we communicated with her that Mary's daughter would love to speak with them and so she gave us the correct contact info and such.  Well, long story short. Mary's daughter got home and was speaking in church yesterday.  She asked for their number, called them, invited them to church, and they came!!! :) After the meeting, Sister Randall went back to talk with them briefly and Dimitri was crying....it was so cool.  So we had 6 investigators to church on sunday! MIRACLES!!!! And we hopefully will be teaching Dimitri and Anastasia this week with Mary's daughter to translate :) whooo whoo.  The Lord knows what He is doing.  I can't believe I've been out here already for two months and I've already witnessed so many miracles. 

I know when we are obedient, He uses us as an instrument in His hands.  It's so easy to feel inadequate, but the best part is we don't have to rely on our own abilities--we get to rely on the Spirit, who, as it says in Alma 7:13 "The Spirit knoweth all things." Luckily, as we put our trust in Him, it will all work out--we still have to work and give it all we have, but as we are diligent and obedient and constantly striving to improve, He blesses and guides us.  I'm glad you talked about the power of the Holy Ghost in your letter mom, because I've also been thinking a lot about that this week.  I take for granted the good feelings of the spirit sometimes and don't recognize the gift and power we have been given.  It's hard to recognize promptings and know whether it's from the Spirit or not, but it all starts with our faith.  Faith is the key and first principle of the Gospel.  If you have the faith and you are trying all you can to keep the Spirit in your life, God promises to give us guidance and revelation.  I tried and experimented upon the word this morning as I opened my scriptures to read about revelation and the Holy Ghost.  In the BD it quotes Joseph Smith and says "no man can receive the Holy Ghost without receiving revelation" but once again it starts with faith.  Studying this morning brought many answers to my questions and I know it's because I put my faith in God and his promises and He is so willing to answer our questions.  He loves each one of so much! :)

I love you and hope all is well....tell the sibs to write me a letter will ya??? :) I never realized how much letters in the mail meant until I came on a mission.  It's so much fun to get letters! :) Anyway,  keep me posted on all the family news and such. 

Talk to you next week,

Love, Sister Owens  

Monday, July 9, 2012

                                                       Sister Owens and Sister Randall

Another Week Gone

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To: carolyn owens <carolyndowens@gmail.com>

I just re read that first paragraph and it sounds like i was being very insensitive to those who lost their homes.. I wasn't meaning to sorry I just meant the fire was a big "fire" "work"... love you!

On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 12:53 PM, Kristen Owens <kristen.owens@myldsmail.net> wrote:
Mama and Papi,

Oh my goodness I had heard several stories saying that Alpine, Utah had burned down! I never was scared one minute though for any of you, I actually had a very calm feeling so it didn't distract from the work.  But, that is so intense! I love that it rained! MIRACLE-miracle-MIRACLE!  Also, I also like to say the fire was a sign of the times, a sign of the times.... ha but seriously, I'm glad you are all safe and sound and no one was hurt.  I do feel bad for those who lost their homes though... that is very scary.  But, that was probably the best "fire"work display yet huh?

That is so exciting to hear about Berit getting her mission call and Heidi--lately all of my friends have been getting their mission calls outside the U.S=craziness! But, so much fun I'm sure.  I just want to tell you all that I love it here.  Minnesota really is so beautiful and especially the area I am in.  It has so many great people who are all kind and fun.  The people are so diverse and you get people from all over the world.  We are actually getting an elder in a few months from Nepal which is really exciting because apparently there is a Nepali community that is flocking to the church :) super cool!

Transfers came and went and Sister Randall is now on her last transfer of her mission.  Let me tell you I can't even imagine being in her shoes right now--that seems so far away! haha but I'm sure it flies by (Ah! I don't want it to!). We are striving to have this area built up by the time she leaves.  We are going to be working really hard to find and teach this next transfer (not that we weren't doing that before, we just have another motivation to work even harder!). 

Last week we set 3 baptismal dates all for August 11th and another one actually for August 25th! Whooo whoo.  The people we are teaching are so great.  Most of them are from Liberia, but Liberians are seriously some of my favorite people ever.  They are usually so open and friendly and just great.  The couple I have previously talked about that had a baby are getting baptized on the 11th and we are so excited for them! :) They are so cool and both have strong testimonies of the Book of Mormon. 

We found out our investigator from Togo has to go back on Thursday because her husband is sick :( we are so sad and are going to see if we can find missionaries there to send her to.... we hope all goes well there...

I love being a missionary.  I had a hard day this week where I felt so blah (dumb Satan I'll tell you what).  I think I felt very inadequate and felt like a failure or something because I'm not perfect...yet...jk... but, through sincere prayer and a wonderful companion's advice I've come to realize it's between me and my Heavenly Father.  He knows me best and knows my weaknesses.  He's just helping me see them so I can refine and polish myself a little bit more (or a lot more!).  Also, if all I can give is my whole heart, might, mind, and strength to Him, that is all He asks.  I'll still struggle I'm sure, but we can do anything with the Lord's help.  It all works out if we put our faith in Him and move forward.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  And it's for everyone.  Today I was reading about Paul and his powerful testimony of Christ and how no matter what persecutions came, or no matter what opposition he faced-even death-he never backed down for a second.  He kept preaching and testifying and teaching (he even mention "tears" a few times, which makes me feel better haha Even a powerhouse like Paul cried).  Then it reminded me of Joseph Smith saying he saw a vision and could not deny it no matter what.  I want to develop that kind of testimony! I know this work is true. I know Christ lived and died for each one of us and no matter how far gone we think we are we can never reach outside His love.  He descended below all things to help us overcome all things.  Families are forever through the restoration of the priesthood authority.  God loves us.  His mercy is endless.  He will give us anything we ask for if we are ready and obedient to receive it.  I have such a strong testimony of being obedient.  We receive so many blessings and I think I have taken those things for granted all my life.  I've been obedient, but have failed to show gratitude for the blessings I've received.  HE BLESSES US SO MUCH! It's amazing. 

Being a missionary is probably the hardest thing I've done (I think I've said that before), but it's what this life is all about.  Sharing the gospel, living the gospel, and becoming like Christ.  The joy comes from living as Christ would live.  I'm so SO far from being perfect (it's so annoying.) but, if we were perfect where would the growth come from? Life would be no fun right? :) RIGHT.

Being in Minnesota is the best decision I have made and I love hearing Sister Randall talk about how her mission has really made a huge difference in her life--it's meant the world to her.  And I know a mission changed each of you (Shea, Nathan, Colton) for the better.  Thanks for your great examples of living the gospel each day.  Satan is working hard, so stick it to him and live righteously.  Remember, you are never too far out of the reach of His Atonement.  Share the Gospel! I love you all, Thanks again for your support and prayers. 

  Sister Owens

Monday, July 2, 2012

AWKWARD MOMENT #999 OF MY MISSION (#999 out of 76489573847)

July 2, 2012

Hello my lovely family,

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! :) Our Bishop was in American Fork traveling the other day and said it's crazy with everything burning over there! He said it was under control, but I'm sad to hear people have lost their homes....yikes I hope they put out the fires soon... That's so crazy the weather is wacky...Ya so Wednesday is our P-day this week from 2pm-9pm so that'll be exciting but in the morning we will be finding souls who are prepared to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I hope you figure out some fun plans for the fourth though! :) party it up with grateful hearts!  I love remembering the foundation of our country and how the Lord prepared America for the Restoration of the Gospel in its fulness.  It's amazing!!!

Mom, Thank you for that package--it was THE BEST! I loved every part of it and Sister Randall and I especially enjoyed the tootsie stuff :) we ate the food in like 3 seconds probably...don't judge. This is Sister Randall's last transfer here :( :( :( ah! I don't know what I'm going to do when she leaves and goes home (to Illinois and then to Utah for LDS Business College). I told her you would probably want to feed her dinner or at least see her and help her when she moves to Utah :) Sister Randall just laughed at me--but little does she know how well taken care of she will be with you around mom :) I know you will want to meet her! She's so great! She is very knowledgeable and does so many things right.  It's been amazing to be her trainee, I learn from her every day! Transfers are this week but Sister Randall and I are staying here! WHOO! It has gone by so so so fast! Holy Cow. I'm in shock.  And I don't have the exact address of where we are staying so you may have to just send the thank you and package to the mission home.... sorry :( but they are the best people I can live with. They seriously are so sweet! Thanks for being so thoughtful all the time. 

The Story of the youth and the temple made me tear up--good job--that is so amazing and sweet.  The Youth of the church are so strong and incredible, we've actually been given counsel to get the youth involved more in missionary work here, which is a brilliant idea! They are so willing to share and invite their friends to learn more. You and dad are so blessed to be able to serve with them and I know you make a difference in their lives.  Thanks for being such great examples. 

So as you can see by the title of my email this week--AWKWARD MOMENTS.  I never knew how many awkward moments you can have as a missionary until you are actually a missionary.  It's so fun! So many times a day there are those awkward pauses in conversations or just awkward things happen with dogs or pets or kids haha oh man, it makes being a missionary so enjoyable. Good thing I'm awkward already! I say the dumbest things sometimes--bahahaha.

Anyway, this week was one of those weeks where everyone and their dog (yes, everyone has a dog here) decided to cancel on us--even people we were planning on doing service for! haha Sister Randall and I learned our lesson of planning back ups to our schedule.  But, although it was a little frustrating at times, the Lord blessed us with a lot this week.  We found one new investigator, and had 2 member referrals, one of which looks very promising. It's been fun to get to know so many people here.  We are all in different walks of life and facing different challenges, but no matter what the Gospel of Jesus Christ applies to everyone. Even ourselves as a missionary.  We have to live it in order to teach it and I fail every day at least 8989358 times, but knowing my Savior understands and knowing He loves me enough to say "it's okay, do better tomorrow" humbles my heart and makes me want to be better.  Heavenly Father is so merciful to each of us and I think it's easy to get caught up in the distractions of the world, but I really appreciate what you said mom about "As we look Heavenward, we inevitably learn about our responsibility to look outward." It's been hard for me to overcome these feelings of inadequacy in teaching and planning, and being a missionary, but it truly does not matter as long as I'm doing all I can to be obedient and loving the people I serve.  Every time I pray for love in my heart for these people, He grants it to me.  Ah, I always just feel so happy! Being a missionary is probably one of the hardest things I've ever done, but I have been blessed more than I can ever imagine. 

Speaking of your youth service trip, this week has been amazing to watch as the ward has pitched in to serve some of our investigators. They are from Liberia and she just had a baby--their first child, and they were getting kicked out of their apartment and had nowhere to go and everything was just so sad! But, the Relief Society and ward really pitched in and helped in providing baby stuff and serving them and helping them find places to live and everything.  The members are what makes missionary work happen.  Wherever you are I encourage you to go out with the missionaries and share the gospel with your friends--it comes better from you than the missionaries.  The service the ward members gave truly softened our investigators hearts. She has opened up to us so much more and she said my baby is going to church and they both want to be baptized (they did before but everything was so crazy with their situation) and are so excited.  We are looking forward to teaching them more this week and helping them work towards baptism.  The Liberian community is huge here and all of them have open hearts.  They believe so easily I love teaching them! I think things will really start to take off here with their willingness to share the gospel with their friends--it's gonna be awesome!

So, this week I figured out I have a pride issue--gonna work on that haha It's so hard because I am so independent! bah! But, don't worry, the Lord is refining me and polishing me a little bit more to be a better missionary :) it's great!

Sister Randall and I are working hard each day and although she leaves in 6 weeks, we told each other we would work the hardest we ever have and live every day in the mission like it was our last--which means constant effort, diligence, and obedience, and love of course.  I'm trying to make this last transfer the best transfer for her--you know, help her go out with a bang and help her see how much she has blessed this mission!

Good news--I also get to drive this week! Wish me luck! I haven't driven in about two months! crazy! We also whipped out the bikes this week for the first time and we conveniently chose one of the hottest days yet--96 degrees with 110% humidity (at least thats what it felt like to me) You just sweat like nobody's business here it's great! On the up side, my skin is super moist :) on the down side, my skin is super moist (meaning zits on the face) but, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  The members and people here are so nice and kind and we often have people offer us water breaks while tracting sometimes :) it's great!

I love this work. Although I am weak and have a long way to go, the Lord makes up for it and shows us miracles according to our faith.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. Joseph Smith is a true prophet. The Gospel changes people and helps us prepare to meet God.  The only way to have true happiness in this life and eternal happiness in the life to come is through accepting Christ and actively living the principles of the gospel.  I'm so grateful for a prophet on the earth today and I know He is a man called of God to lead the world.  I know I can live with you (family) forever if I keep my covenants and live according to His will.  I know He loves and knows every person individually. I know the Savior suffered for each one of us and there is nothing He can not understand (2 Ne 9:20).  The hardest thing to see here is people not willing to live the gospel once they know it's true--sometimes I want to take people's agency away! haha not really, but kinda... I can only imagine the frustration that Heavenly Father feels when I do the same thing and don't do according to His will....eeek. I love you all and am so grateful for the influence, love and support you give and continue to give each day.  Keep being a force for good---be the kind of person that when you get up in the morning Satan says "Oh no, he/she is up!" TAKE THAT.


I love you,  
     Sister Owens