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Another Week Gone

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I just re read that first paragraph and it sounds like i was being very insensitive to those who lost their homes.. I wasn't meaning to sorry I just meant the fire was a big "fire" "work"... love you!

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Mama and Papi,

Oh my goodness I had heard several stories saying that Alpine, Utah had burned down! I never was scared one minute though for any of you, I actually had a very calm feeling so it didn't distract from the work.  But, that is so intense! I love that it rained! MIRACLE-miracle-MIRACLE!  Also, I also like to say the fire was a sign of the times, a sign of the times.... ha but seriously, I'm glad you are all safe and sound and no one was hurt.  I do feel bad for those who lost their homes though... that is very scary.  But, that was probably the best "fire"work display yet huh?

That is so exciting to hear about Berit getting her mission call and Heidi--lately all of my friends have been getting their mission calls outside the U.S=craziness! But, so much fun I'm sure.  I just want to tell you all that I love it here.  Minnesota really is so beautiful and especially the area I am in.  It has so many great people who are all kind and fun.  The people are so diverse and you get people from all over the world.  We are actually getting an elder in a few months from Nepal which is really exciting because apparently there is a Nepali community that is flocking to the church :) super cool!

Transfers came and went and Sister Randall is now on her last transfer of her mission.  Let me tell you I can't even imagine being in her shoes right now--that seems so far away! haha but I'm sure it flies by (Ah! I don't want it to!). We are striving to have this area built up by the time she leaves.  We are going to be working really hard to find and teach this next transfer (not that we weren't doing that before, we just have another motivation to work even harder!). 

Last week we set 3 baptismal dates all for August 11th and another one actually for August 25th! Whooo whoo.  The people we are teaching are so great.  Most of them are from Liberia, but Liberians are seriously some of my favorite people ever.  They are usually so open and friendly and just great.  The couple I have previously talked about that had a baby are getting baptized on the 11th and we are so excited for them! :) They are so cool and both have strong testimonies of the Book of Mormon. 

We found out our investigator from Togo has to go back on Thursday because her husband is sick :( we are so sad and are going to see if we can find missionaries there to send her to.... we hope all goes well there...

I love being a missionary.  I had a hard day this week where I felt so blah (dumb Satan I'll tell you what).  I think I felt very inadequate and felt like a failure or something because I'm not perfect...yet...jk... but, through sincere prayer and a wonderful companion's advice I've come to realize it's between me and my Heavenly Father.  He knows me best and knows my weaknesses.  He's just helping me see them so I can refine and polish myself a little bit more (or a lot more!).  Also, if all I can give is my whole heart, might, mind, and strength to Him, that is all He asks.  I'll still struggle I'm sure, but we can do anything with the Lord's help.  It all works out if we put our faith in Him and move forward.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  And it's for everyone.  Today I was reading about Paul and his powerful testimony of Christ and how no matter what persecutions came, or no matter what opposition he faced-even death-he never backed down for a second.  He kept preaching and testifying and teaching (he even mention "tears" a few times, which makes me feel better haha Even a powerhouse like Paul cried).  Then it reminded me of Joseph Smith saying he saw a vision and could not deny it no matter what.  I want to develop that kind of testimony! I know this work is true. I know Christ lived and died for each one of us and no matter how far gone we think we are we can never reach outside His love.  He descended below all things to help us overcome all things.  Families are forever through the restoration of the priesthood authority.  God loves us.  His mercy is endless.  He will give us anything we ask for if we are ready and obedient to receive it.  I have such a strong testimony of being obedient.  We receive so many blessings and I think I have taken those things for granted all my life.  I've been obedient, but have failed to show gratitude for the blessings I've received.  HE BLESSES US SO MUCH! It's amazing. 

Being a missionary is probably the hardest thing I've done (I think I've said that before), but it's what this life is all about.  Sharing the gospel, living the gospel, and becoming like Christ.  The joy comes from living as Christ would live.  I'm so SO far from being perfect (it's so annoying.) but, if we were perfect where would the growth come from? Life would be no fun right? :) RIGHT.

Being in Minnesota is the best decision I have made and I love hearing Sister Randall talk about how her mission has really made a huge difference in her life--it's meant the world to her.  And I know a mission changed each of you (Shea, Nathan, Colton) for the better.  Thanks for your great examples of living the gospel each day.  Satan is working hard, so stick it to him and live righteously.  Remember, you are never too far out of the reach of His Atonement.  Share the Gospel! I love you all, Thanks again for your support and prayers. 

  Sister Owens

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