Monday, July 16, 2012

Many Mighty Miracles

MMM--Many Might Miracles (aka Minnesota Minneapolis Mission)

Kristen Owens
11:25 AM (1 hour ago)

to me
Hulllo Family!

Monday Monday Monday-I can't believe it's Monday again! What a week it has been! How are you all doing?? Are the fires out over there yet? That was a crazy few days I bet. I miss you a lot and hope you know how much I pray for you. I have a pic in my scriptures with the whole clan and everytime I look at it it brings a smile to my face and a surge of energy to work a little harder, be a little more diligent, and become a consecrated missionary.  I love you! A lot!

Tell Makena to expect a letter in the mail this week for her--that first paragraph of your letter made me laugh so hard.  I love and miss those two girls.  They are going to be so grown up when I get back! Ah! Crazy. 

Well this last week we saw many mighty miracles again! The Lord never ceases to bless us for our diligence and obedience.  We now officially have 4 date sets :) (i jumped the gun last week and told you we did, but really it's now official this week) Three for August 11th and one for August 25th.  I have to use code names for these people so we will call the couple Rodger and Kathy and the woman Suzie and her Son will be Brad.  cool.  Rodger and Kathy are doing great! Kathy had swollen feet still from having her baby so we had been praying really hard that her feet would be okay enough for her to come to church on Sunday (she has to come at least 3 more times before her baptism and there are only 4 weeks left).  And.....SHE CAME! Kathy and Rodger both came with their sweet baby girl.  They are such amazing people! They are from Liberia and have been taught for quite some time so we are so excited that they finally get to be baptized in a few short weeks.  They have amazing faith and have faced a lot of opposition, but the ward has been involved with them are were so welcoming at church.  It's an amazing process to watch the gospel change people's lives.  It is a sweet experience and I feel blessed to see it happening right before my eyes. 

Suzie finally came as well with her Son Brad! We haven't taught Brad yet but he went to young men's mutual night and also came to church and is planning on going on wednesday again! So excited.  Suzie is amazing.  Her heart is totally prepared. She soaks up everything we teach and everything she heard at church.  She always responds by saying, "that makes so much sense!" or "I've always wondered about that."  She is the sweetest lady and loved church! Her son Brad is the sweetest soft spoken kid in the world.  he is 18 and we are so excited to teach him. 

We also had met this Russian couple a few weeks back (I don't know if I told you about it).  but they didn't speak very good english so it was hard to communicate.  I guess I have time so I will tell you the story.  We will call them Dimitri and Anastasia for dramatic effect.  Sister Randall and I ran into Dimitri a few weeks back and talked with him simply and got his contact info, which happened to be wrong.... that never happens! (thats a joke).  anyway, we were teaching a man named....Kaladja.... and we had a member with us named Mary (?).  Mary's daughter was a week away from getting home from her mission from Russia and we had talked with her before about Dimitri and such so we were excited to meet Mary's daughter and have her come with us to teach Dimitri.  Well after the wrong contact info and such we thought we had lost contact.  When Mary, Sister Randall, and I went to teach Kaladja who happened to live in the same complex as Dimitri--we ran into Dimitri again! And Mary was talking with him and telling him her daughter wants to meet him and such and he was kinda confused I think because he can't speak very well...but a minute later, his wife pulls up in her car and she can speak english a little better and we communicated with her that Mary's daughter would love to speak with them and so she gave us the correct contact info and such.  Well, long story short. Mary's daughter got home and was speaking in church yesterday.  She asked for their number, called them, invited them to church, and they came!!! :) After the meeting, Sister Randall went back to talk with them briefly and Dimitri was was so cool.  So we had 6 investigators to church on sunday! MIRACLES!!!! And we hopefully will be teaching Dimitri and Anastasia this week with Mary's daughter to translate :) whooo whoo.  The Lord knows what He is doing.  I can't believe I've been out here already for two months and I've already witnessed so many miracles. 

I know when we are obedient, He uses us as an instrument in His hands.  It's so easy to feel inadequate, but the best part is we don't have to rely on our own abilities--we get to rely on the Spirit, who, as it says in Alma 7:13 "The Spirit knoweth all things." Luckily, as we put our trust in Him, it will all work out--we still have to work and give it all we have, but as we are diligent and obedient and constantly striving to improve, He blesses and guides us.  I'm glad you talked about the power of the Holy Ghost in your letter mom, because I've also been thinking a lot about that this week.  I take for granted the good feelings of the spirit sometimes and don't recognize the gift and power we have been given.  It's hard to recognize promptings and know whether it's from the Spirit or not, but it all starts with our faith.  Faith is the key and first principle of the Gospel.  If you have the faith and you are trying all you can to keep the Spirit in your life, God promises to give us guidance and revelation.  I tried and experimented upon the word this morning as I opened my scriptures to read about revelation and the Holy Ghost.  In the BD it quotes Joseph Smith and says "no man can receive the Holy Ghost without receiving revelation" but once again it starts with faith.  Studying this morning brought many answers to my questions and I know it's because I put my faith in God and his promises and He is so willing to answer our questions.  He loves each one of so much! :)

I love you and hope all is well....tell the sibs to write me a letter will ya??? :) I never realized how much letters in the mail meant until I came on a mission.  It's so much fun to get letters! :) Anyway,  keep me posted on all the family news and such. 

Talk to you next week,

Love, Sister Owens  

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