Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello family: 1st week in Minnesota


This past week was so crazy. It's flying by so fast! Okay, just to clarify, of course I know the investigators at the MTC are not real (except for the one we got that actually was...) I'm smarter than you think.  I miss the MTC so much! It was pretty much my favorite thing in the world. 

Anyway, I have a trainer named Sister Randall and she is awesome! She is exactly the type of person I need at the beginning of my mission because I tend to stress a lot and she handles stress really well and is very supportive. So we are whitewashing the Medicine Lake Area. We both just arrived and don't know anything and the sisters before us whitewashed in 6 weeks prior as well. It's been a crazy few days... But, we met the ward yesterday and they are so great! The bishop is getting released next week but they have such a great missionary minded ward.  They have these things called Family Mission Plans that are so wonderful because most investigators come from referrals anyway.  So they enact these plans and strive to invite people to come to different activities in the ward or to a baptism or just simply pray for missionary experiences. Its really neat.  Our whole mission does it I believe.  The members are awesome. There are quite a few Liberians who are so great and give good referrals.  We haven't really taught a "real" lesson yet just because we just got here and don't really have many investigators. We've mainly focused on less active members and new members the past four days which has been good. I love them already.  But, we are going to exercise a lot of faith this week and pray really hard to find people as we work with the members and are diligent and obedient to our mission president and the guidelines.  I know He is very aware of us and knows what we need and as we are diligent, willing, and humble, He will show us the way.  Every person I see I want to share a message with but I get so NERVOUS to speak its the weirdest thing. I can totally have a normal conversation with people but when I start to bring up the gospel I freeze ha I'm working on it though.  Sister Randal has been very patient and loving and has helped me overcome my fears.  Deuteronomy 31 "Be strong and of a good courage." Tracting is pretty much the hardest thing for me to do! All the people we talk to believe in Jesus and already have their religion.  They read the bible and don't need anything else.  They have families and are already happy.  They don't want to learn more blah blah blah blah blah. It's so annoying. But, sister randall is really good about saying if we are diligent then the fruits of our labors will come and maybe not right away.  We've been practicing our door approaches to better get a convo going when we talk and I think one of the best ways is to testify briefly of the restored truths and invite them to learn more. But you also have to make it apart of them which is hard cuz some don't even give you 5 seconds to say anything.  Some are very nice and will chat with you and ask questions but thats all they want... It's a work in progress. I just need to get over my fears I guess of talking to people.

The bishop has mainly asked us to visit a lot of the less active members and build trusting relationships with the new members and members so that when they have referrals they can trust us to talk with them and such.  It's been hard because I guess I expected to get here and be teaching a whole bunch of lessons to people already and just dive right in but essentially Sister Randall and I are both starting clean.  It'll come I know it will I just have to learn patience and trust in the Lord.  I feel like I've been here for a while but it's only been 4 days! Weird.  So yesterday at church I went with a few questions and totally received revelation concerning answers.  Church is amazing that way.  We go to be uplifted and feel the spirit and to renew our covenants and become clean again, but it's amazing how much the Lord is aware and gives us answers to our questions when we get there.  I feel so humbled.  I am having a hard time deciphering between my humility and confidence, but I think it mainly is having confidence in Jesus Christ and His Atonement that brings that humility. As I study more about Him and His sacrifice it brings me such comfort and overwhelming love... I am still trying to make that apart of my conversion because in order to teach and testify and truly convert people, you have to be converted yourself.  It's a work in progress. Love is so strong in missionary work.  I love this gospel and my Savior and the people here.  Sometimes it is hard to love them when they reject you and slam the door in your face but I just have to remember they are children of God just like you and He loves them just as much.  And then I think of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the Cross... all those people that rejected Him yet He still forgave them and loved them.  Oh man its simply amazing and sometimes hard to comprehend.  

I think my greatest weakness is my confidence in my teaching ability.  but, as I read a talk it just said to study and ponder and understand the principles taught so that I can become confident in what I am teaching.. Man I feel like I should be this perfect missionary already but I have to remind myself I've only been here 4 days and mistakes are necessary I guess in order to learn.  I just want the members to trust me even though I am straight from the MTC! haha But I need to trust in the Lord more and be more humble.  that's my goal this week humility.  so any advice? ha jk 

Anyway, It is absolutely beautiful here! The area kinda reminds me of Alpine except more green! :) there are a lot of lakes and mosquitoes but thanks to that bug spray I should be okay :) And yes, we are staying with the Wilsons who are the best people ever! They are like our parents. They have given us so much! And I know their daughter Liz a little bit through Brittany and her friend Katie. It was a fun and interesting connection.  there have actually been a few connections like that with people I have met here.  It's been really cool.  I love it here.  I am ready to work and obey and be the missionary God wants me to be.  I can't remember what other questions you asked exactly... sorry I'm not very good at answering them... But that story of had's made me laugh! haha I love her! Tell her Minnesota says she can bring Opie with her :) 

The people here are great. It's very diverse, but so exciting and I feel this love for every single person I see.  God knows what is best for us and I know as we continue to work hard, He will bless us.  So anyway, Jess and Britt that is so exciting you get to speak! They will both do such a wonderful job I just know it and Jess is going to love the MTC! :) Emily!!!! YAY! Tell her she better tell me ASAP when she finds out when she is leaving for the MTC! I can't wait for her to get out and work. It's the best feeling in the world.  Everyday is amazing and the people are so great.  We've met some interesting people actually ha some are not so hot on the LDS church but most people love chattin with you.  Anyway, I hope all is well at home! Keep up the good work and I will continue praying for each one of you :) I LOVE YOU and will talk to you next week! :) I've almost been out a month!?! WHHHAAAAT?? Crazy. 

See you soon! 

Sister Owens 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I've Arrived


I have arrived safely in Minnesota! It is beautiful here and so very green! We left the MTC at 5 this morning and got here about noon.  It's been a long day but oh so good! We got to go straight from the airport to the college campus where we practiced our street contacting. It was so much fun. The sister I was with was fantastic and taught me a lot.  It's amazing because I just want to talk to every person that walks past, but we talked to a few who were so amazing. Anyway, I have to keep this short but its been a good day! I am about to go meet my trainer so pray for me! I think she'll be great! I love you all so much and hope I can make you proud but most importantly make my Heavenly Father proud. I LOVE YOU! 

   Sister Owens

Sister Owens and her trainer Sister Randall
New Missionaries
New Missionaries with their trainers
Sister Owens with President and Sister Clements

Monday, May 21, 2012

Minnesota bound!

Hey Family,

Thanks for all your emails and letters! I really appreciate it! I love hearing how life is going for everyone and it motivates me to be a better missionary too. Tell the Wadsworths thanks for the other package of cookies! They were really good :) and healthy so thats a plus :) And thank you mom for that package of goodies and things I needed.  It helped so much! And Kylie and Taryn for the delicious oreos-- seriously made my day! :) I've eaten pretty much the whole box but that shouldn't surprise anybody... sadly.
So this week was fantastic once again.  It went by way to fast! I can't believe I leave in 48 hours! I am kinda freaking out but I feel peace about everything and know it's all in His hands.  If it was up to me i'd definitely fail, but it's not about me.  As long as I put my confidence in Him then everything will be fine :) Thats something I have to remind myself every day haha Last tuesday Elder Perry came and spoke at our devotional and it was AMAZING. He talked about the Priesthood and the importance of its restoration and the power of it.  I love the priesthood! ha but seriously, I kept thinking back to so many experiences we've had with the priesthood and I can not doubt one bit that it is not the power of God.  It's incredible. Without the priesthood our church would be nothing but a name.  The thing that impressed me the most was when Elder Perry bore his testimony at the end of his talk.  He had been so soft spoken the whole time and then at the end his voice was so powerful (i jolted awake--jk but kinda).  We had an experience this week as well with our district, several experiences actually... Sister Evans (convert from Michigan) mom has lung cancer and has had it for a while now.  She wasn't getting any letters or emails from her mom and so she was getting really worried.  The Elders gave her a blessing of comfort which helped her a lot and she was able to call her family and talk with them... they said her mom is in the hospital and will most likely pass away there.  Watching her go through this really opened my eyes. She has been THE strongest person I've ever come in contact with.  She's the only convert in her family and she decided to serve a mission even amidst her mom being so sick and so many other things going on.  She has been such an example to me of putting faith and trust in the Lord.  It's been incredible to watch her.... We've been praying and fasting as a district for her and her family and I know it's helping because she says she feels so much better about everything.  She's truly amazing.  Also, Sister Jeppsen lost her voice earlier this week and we were planning on singing in Sacrament meeting so she recieved a blessing and honestly the next day at church her voice came back enough to give a short talk and sing with us.  The Priesthood is real.  Thanks Shea, Nathan, Colton, and Dad for being worthy to hold it.  I'm so glad I can turn to you whenever I need help with anything.  I love you.
I feel so blessed.  Sis. Goates and I talked about this and we decided to start saying one prayer of gratitude everyday (just things we are thankful for).  It has opened our eyes and softened our hearts to the amazing tender mercies and blessings He has given each of us every day.  Sometimes I wonder why I have been so blessed, but then I just remember where much is given much is required and I know it's because I am suppose to dedicate my life in the service of God.  He's given me much so now I have to go forth and give it all back to others and to Him.  Everyday I have to remember to look outward.  We heard a devotional given by Elder Bednar yesterday called the "Character of Christ." It was AAAAMAZING. He talked about how Christ, in every situation in life turned outward and never inward. He overcame the natural man who would normally blame others and feel sorry for himself, but Christ never gave himself a second thought.  He was constantly thinking and praying and healing others.  It's incredible to think about.  Elder Bednar was pretty straight up with saying "This work is not about you. Who cares about you?" haha It was a good slap in the face though.  This work is most definitely not about me.  I am constantly striving to forget myself and go to work and when we do that He will bless us, but the blessing shoudn't be the motivation.  He should be the motivation.  He talked about the difference between conversion and testimony.  A testimony is only the beginning.  Testimony is knowing its true, but conversion is being consistently true to what we know.  Be consistenly true! Become converted through Christ.  Conversion is turning away from the natural man. Turn back to God through the Atonement.  It will take time, but strive to be truly converted. make it apart of you.
yesterday we had another devotional and the Provo Temple President and his wife came and spoke. It was so amazing! The temple is so great! It's such a blessing and everything we ever do in this gospel points us to the temple and that points us to Christ and His Atonement.  And everything in the temple is sybolic of Him and His Atonement.  We are all trying to be like Jesus and He knows it'll take time, but it is very possible.  If we are doing our best, that's all we can do.  Always remember there is hope in the Atonement.  No matter what we have done or who we are now, Christ and Heavenly Father see us in terms of who we can become.  Try to see yourself as God sees you with all the potential in the world.  Don't ever forget your divine nature. 
Funny story that happend this week.  Sister Goates and I were minding our own business taking a shower at night (probably about 9:15pm.) and all of the sudden we hear this beeping and lights start flashing and then we smell smoke! Luckily I was pretty much dressed (at least had my robe and clothes underneath), but sister Goates was still in the middle of her shower! She said, "Sister Owens what am I suppose to do???!!" We just start laughing and I told her to put on her robe and lets go! So we ran to our rooom and she slipped on some pants (can you say commando?) and I slipped on a t shirt and pants and we run outside with our crazy wet hair.  At first we just thought it would be just the girls from our building but quickly found out that elders and sisters were in the building for classes when the alarm went off.  So poor Sister goates is walking around in her robe outside! Luckily it was still dark and we were only there for a few minutes but everyone kept saying "did you see that girl in her robe??" hahahahahha it was SOOO funny! We were all dying! The sad part is I guess the alarm had gone off because someone burned popcorn on our floor... all that for nothing! We could've taken our sweet time! but, anyway, good memory. 
so... I don't really know what else to say other than I love you and am so grateful for all your support and love.  You make me a better person and I'm grateful for you every day. The next time I write you I will be in Minnesota! WHAAAT??? It's gonna be crazy stuff, but I'm so excited. I just know the Lord is preparing the people's hearts for the gospel and people on the other side are working and praying too.  This work is amazing. His gospel is amazing and is the only way we can gain salvation.  You all can be missionaries as well! That's something I've learned this week is how important the members are in missionary work.  Pray to find someone who needs to hear the gospel because its for everyone and don't be afraid to share it. IF you truly love those people you will want them to taste of the love and joy that God wants for them.  But, most importantly make it apart of you.  Become as the Savior.  Become converted and let His image in your countenance. 
This gospel is true, Christ lives, and God loves us.  The Book of Mormon is true, pray is real, Joseph Smith is a true Prophet, and Thomas S. Monson leads and guides this church today.  I have no doubt in the goodness of this gospel.  Remember who you are, who you represent, and why you are here.  You all have a specific purpose in life.  Truse in the Lord and give it your all everyday.  Learn of Christ and make Him a part of you.  I love you all! Sorry this letter is FOREVER long. There is just always so much to tell you!
  Sister Owens

Monday, May 14, 2012

2nd weeeeeek down (okay just 1.5 weeks)

Dear Fam Fam,                                                                                                       May 14, 2012
So this week in the MTC was Soooo great.  Elder Christofferson and his wife spoke at our Tuesday devotional and it was so great. All about the doctrine of Christ. I loved it.  I'm trying to think if anything super thrilling happened this week but I really don't think it did.  It was just all around a great week :)
We had some really incredible lessons with investigators.  One in particular- we were teaching joe and we really wanted to teach him about the plan of salvation. well we started teaching him and ya i guess it was alright, but it was more of a lecture than anything so he finally said, ya it makes sense but why are you teaching me this? and then bam. THE SPIRIT ENTERED THE ROOM..... Sister Goates and I spoke through the spirit and i'm telling you.... I've never been in a room where the spirit was so strong before.  It literally was shaking the room, it was moving through every part of that room.  it was incredible! We left the lesson and both just looked at each other in amazment and shock.  it was so sweet! That is definitely something we are learning how to do here is teach by the spirit according to the needs of our investigators.  sometimes i feel like i'm not sure if I did or not, but I think if I'm tryin heavenly Father will step in and won't let me mess it up.  haha. The Role of the Holy Ghost is everything in lessons. 
Yesterday Richard Heaton (the administrative Director for MTC provo) spoke in our devotional and really stressed growth in spirituality rather than in number of baptisms.  Are your investigators really converted to Christ and not just you or anything else.  it was so great we were all just soaking it up! We watched a talk by Elder Holland called the Gift of Teaching and it was incredible!!!! i feel like i use that word a lot but everything about this place is incredible.  every day i pray to be refinded and everyday i experience a roller coaster of emotions but I look back and see all the experiences have taught me how to become a better missionary.  I know if i pray and ask heavenly Father for anything, he will give it to me if necessary and if i am sincere (sorry about the lack of capitolization in my letters with the i's-- the shift key is broken and i'm too lazy to care that much about it). 
HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MEGAN! I meant to write that in my last email but they put this timer on it and it kinda makes you stressed out while typing because you feel like you don't have enough time to write haha but secretly if you go over it really doesn't do anything...I know that NOW.  according to the clock i have 11:25 remaining, but to me i have all the time in the world muahahahaha!
k so anyway, I really am so excited Shea and nadine and makenna are back! i miss them all! and i'm super jealous you have a snow cone machine now! of course right after i leave! it better still be working in eighteen months! How's everything else going ??? i  hope you are all happy and enjoying yourselves
Thanks for all the prayers and packages and letters. They really help a ton :) i love every part of this place.  i've learned so much and will continue to learn and grow.  it's crazy to think in 1.5 weeks i'll be on my way to minneapolis. AHHHH that scares me. but i know he'll refine me and mold me into who i need to be if i do all i can.  The sisters in our zone leave tomorrow and Sister Goates and i are sooo sad! They have been like big sisters/ trainers for us! They really are the best we will miss them so so much.  One of them is on her way to Toronto as we speak. it's cra-crazy! But, they will be awesome missionaries :) we just love them!
We got a new set of elders (a district) and in two days we get another district so our zone will be huge! it's so much fun! but this week is going to go by so fast. i get so nervous when i think about it because here in the mtc i can mess up and it'll be fine but i don't wanna mess up with real investigators! haha ya, i know all of you are worried. But, i just want you all to know every single one of you have taught me something i've used to become better.  i think of you often and secretly--well i guess its not a secret anymore--i slept with a picture of our family the other night haha i woke up and right when i opened my eyes i saw all of your beautiful faces there! i don't really miss you per se (haha) but i think of you often and it motivates me to be a better missionary! i've come so much closer to my Savior and my Heavenly Father this week.  i've really had to practice what i preach.  i pray constantly and had an experience where i was feelin like such a failure. i was in class and just on the verge of tears which i have not had an experience like that yet and i just prayed that all the heaviness i was feeling would be taken away, i put my faith in the atonment and i'm not even kidding you, right when i prayed, i felt light. it was such a tender experience and i'm sharing it with you so you will know the Atonement is real. even for all those little things.  i love this gospel, i know it's true.  God loves us and the Savior loves us and that's pretty much the center of the message of the gospel LOVE! AND I LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for everything again.  hope all is well! Sorry this email isn't that exciting :) keep up the good work and keep being yourself! Use those gifts and talents He's given you and don't be afraid of them :)
  Sister owens
(k i feel like this email was really cheesy towards the end, i promise i'm normal)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Her first Email

Oh my goodness I am so excited to tell you all about my time thus far in th MTC. BEST. EXPERIENCE. EVER. It is kinda hard to get use to but I feel SOOOO happy here. Literally, I haven't even cried once (that's huge for me) I have daily spiritual experiences that humble me completely.  (okay, i've cried once because I was so overwhelmed with the responsibility, but the spirit just makes me feel so happy!)  It really is the Lord's work and I couldn't feel more humble to be apart of it.  Mom, Dad, You should definitely go on a mission! Sister Goates and I (who by the way is my friend from OAKCREST! Miracle!) sat next to two older ladies who were both widows and both of them decided to go on missions.  Except they are doin temple missions, which would be soooo awesome!!! :) They are going to be ordinances workers in the DC temple and the Guatemala temple.  You folks should really consider that one :) it would be so helpful to the Church and an amazing experience too. 
Anyway, So I gotta run but I love you all! (just kidding!) There is so much to tell.  Sister Goates and I were definitely meant to be companions.  It was such a relief to have her as my companion because we already love each other and we seriously think the exact same.  We have learned so much here so far and I have never felt so humbled and inadequate in my life. I know nothing I feel like, but as I have fallen back on my testimony of the Savior I know if the only thing I can do is testify to these investigotors, He'll do the rest.  The Spirit is the most important instrument to have so if you are planning on serving a mission, figure out how the Spirit speaks to you.  Also, be humble.  I have had to really turn my heart over the the Lord and trust in His love.  Every day I have to remind myself I am only His instrument.  I'm doing all I can and He will consecrate my efforts. And Every single day Sister Goates and I will see all these Sisters and Elders with name tags we can't even understand and look and each other and say, "I'M SO GLAD I'M SPEAKING ENGLISH!" haha But, seriously, God knows exactly where we need to be and I can't wait to go to Minnesota and teach of His love and of our Savior's love to those people who don't know.  THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! And it centers around the Love of Christ and Heavenly Father.. Never forget He loves you. 
So everyone kept telling us just make it until sunday, and we kept thinking "okay..." because the first few days were pretty overwhelming in terms of you realize how much you really don't know... ha ya... but, we made it until Sunday! and BOY WERE THEY RIGHT! We had an MTC conference and devotional yesterday and seriously Sister Goates and I have been praying for answers because we have felt like we were not getting anywhere with our lessons and knowing what to teach our investigators and we pretty much have the smartest district in the MTC (seriously, the elders are GENIUS!) They know the scriptures and doctrine front to back and us sisters are more about the Spirit, but the elders have that too so you can imagine how inadequate we felt haha but we recieved so many answers concerning our questions yesterday it was amazing.  The elders in our district are seriously awesome! and It's so weird they are younger than us because I still feel like a twelve year old with nothing to give but my own personal testimony.  But, they have helped us so much.  We are like a lil' family here :) (home away from home) it's so great. 
Oh, President Lusvardi spoke at our MTC devo last night (he was my stake president at BYU the past semester) and he did such a great job.  he also mentioned going to Mormon Battalion site and said how in tune the sister missionaries were there and I thought of BRITTANY! (who whoo!) you are going to be an amazing missionary! Anyway, what he said was exactly what we needed to hear.  He talked about how you need to love your investigators and love the people you serve because they will feel that and it makes all the difference.  He read Mosiah 28:3 and I decided that will be my Mission Motto for the next 18 months and the rest of my life.  You should look it up and read it it is incredible.  It's really humbled me to be here in the MTC and to recognize God's mercy in my life.  I feel so blessed to be a missionary.  everyday I have to double check my name tag to make sure its real.  Yup, just checked and yup, I'm a missionary.  Crazy.  I'm learning so much! I'm learning how to teach the doctrine, but mostly how to teach to the investigators needs.  We have only taught twice but our first experience teaching was incredible.  The spirit was so strong and we invited him to be baptized and he said YES, he said he felt like he needed to be but didn't know why... now it's our job to teach him the why and answer any other questions he needs.  Love and the Spirit are the most important things when teaching.  You need to study the doctrine and understand the scriptures so when the spirit promts you He can bring them back to your memory.  That has been the hardest thing for me is memorizing scriptures and the doctrine.  But, I know with Him I can accomplish anything. It truly is His work, we are just His mouthpiece here to do as He would do and love as He would love and say what He would say.  I know I keep saying it but, truly, I am humbled.  I am willing to dive into the work and give Him my heart.  I love it here.  I feel SSSSSOOOOO happy I can't even describe.  I feel so protected and peaceful about everything.  It's really great to have sister Goates because each time we feel overwhelmed we just laugh.  We both would rather laugh then cry so it's fun.  But, we also pray ALWAYs here.  It's incredible the power that comes from praying.  I don't have much time so I gotta quickly rap up.... I'm doing great! I have never been more happy and my teachers are amazing here.  I feel inadequate, but so grateful to be a missionary. 
Oh, shout out to Kylie, cuz I saw her brother here and said hi! He seems like he's doing great! And I also met an ELder Patch who looked exactly like Ben and asked if he knew him, and come to find out, they are cousins so that's exciting! And Sister Neslen (Nesquik) we see a lot so that is really really fun.  And I pretty much see someone I know in here everyday! it's like a high school reunion only more better :) The love I feel from my Heavenly Father and the knowledge He is willing to grant me when I am obedient is incredible.  too much for words.  Well, I send my best to erebody there and know that I love you and pray for each one of you every night.  Tell Britt thanks for the AMAZINGLY FUN package she sent me! And I'm pretty sure I saw her car pass the MTC when I was outside exercising on the field.  I love you! Tell Em hi and that I met a girl going to Phillly, PA as well so you could probably be companions.  Write me back when you can, but know that all is well and I love you.  THE CHURCH IS TRUE.  (also, Tell Had's I miss her! And Lucas, And carter, and Kenna!) Never forget the love God has for you.  He is so merciful.  Sorry if this is really long... I just wanna write to you all the experiences I've had here! Ah! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! :)
   Sister Owens (whoo whoo!)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Her first letter home

Dearest Family,

I'm ALIVE!  All is well here in the MTC.  The first day was exciting!  And guess what???  Remember how I told you my friend from Oakcrest was going in the same day as me?  Well, the Lord knows exactly what we need because,...SHE'S MY MTC COMPANION!  Sister Goates (formerly known as Poppy) and I were so excited!  What are the odds of that happening???  I love it!  Our district is full of sisters and Elders heading to Washington, D.C. South and Minneapolis, but me and one other Elder are the only ones heading to good old Minnesota.  Our Elders are studs.  Each of them have amazing testimonies and have such a strong knowledgeof the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We all get along really well and I feel like were a family already.  It's pretty amazing.  My teachers are great and I've already learned so much in such a short amount of time.  We teach our first investigator tomorrow and I have to keep reminding myself that as long as I do my part in studying and as long as the spirit is there, the lesson will go according to the Lord's plan.  I'm so pumped!  I love how I really don't know much but what I do know is the church is true.  I have a testimony of this work and I'm so thrilled to have 18 months to teach about the Savior to those who are searching for the truth.

It's amazing the feeling of peace that I have felt the whole time while here.  Even though it's only been 1.5 days, all I've felt is peace and pure joy!  I'm seriously always happy!  I haven't cried.  I haven't felt anxious, I haven't been super nervous.  I've only felt peace and joy.  I keep thinking something is wrong with me because shouldn't I feel that way?  Nope!  I know its because of all the prayers of my dear friends and family back home.  Heavenly Father is answering those prayers and I feel so so blessed to feel this way here.  I've felt buoyed (?) up this whole time.  I love everything about the MTC!  At first when I got here and we went through all the classes and everything I felt like something was wrong with me because I never had this over-powering sense of the spirit.  I kept asking and praying to Heavenly Father to know what I was doing wrong, but I realized and had this feeling come over me of peace once again and I realized I was feeling the spirit.  The spirit makes me so completely happy.  I feel almost light inside.  I also remembered part of President Gottfredson's setting apart blessing when he talked about having a joyful walk.  I definitely have already been blessed with that.  GAH!  It's just so amazing!

We have 2 missionaries in our district who are converts to the church.  One is a sister missionary named Sister Evans and she is from Detroit.  She's awesome!  She's way spunky and is super strong.  Her companion is Sister Jeppson.  She's from Vegas and is just about the most humble person I've ever met.    She's amazingly kind & sensitive to the spirit.  Anyway, this letter is mainly to tell you I'm okay and I will be okay!  I'll write on my P-day (Monday).  I love you!  And tell everyone hi for me!  

Sister Owens

(This is real! It's happening)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sister Owens


Kristen entered the MTC at approximately 1:10 p.m. today.  The whole "curbside" drop off was pretty uneventful.  We left Alpine around 11:00 a.m. and drove to her old apartment in Provo so she could say her last good-byes to her cute room mate Kylie.

We then drove to the MTC where we parked across the street and met Aunt Becca, She was there with camera in hand and we walked back across the street to the MTC to take our picture at the famous sign that read something like, Provo MTC, only to find that the sign is no longer there because too many people were taking pictures there and it was causing a traffic jam.  We took a photo anyway with the brick wall in the background and thought maybe we could some how photo shop the sign into the picture.  As we were taking the picture, we heard some one yell from a vehicle on the road..."Sister Owens",  it was her friend Kate who was bringing her friend from Maryland to the MTC.  That made us all smile.  From there we returned to our vehicle and drove up to the curb where two Elders met us and took Kristen's bags.  A quick hug and a kiss and she was on her way to the front doors, escorted by the two Elder missionaries.  That was it!  It is done.  She has officially begun her mission.  We will miss her like crazy, but the joy that was on her face as she left us will be the thing that gets us through this next 18 months.  Good Luck Sista!!!