Monday, May 14, 2012

2nd weeeeeek down (okay just 1.5 weeks)

Dear Fam Fam,                                                                                                       May 14, 2012
So this week in the MTC was Soooo great.  Elder Christofferson and his wife spoke at our Tuesday devotional and it was so great. All about the doctrine of Christ. I loved it.  I'm trying to think if anything super thrilling happened this week but I really don't think it did.  It was just all around a great week :)
We had some really incredible lessons with investigators.  One in particular- we were teaching joe and we really wanted to teach him about the plan of salvation. well we started teaching him and ya i guess it was alright, but it was more of a lecture than anything so he finally said, ya it makes sense but why are you teaching me this? and then bam. THE SPIRIT ENTERED THE ROOM..... Sister Goates and I spoke through the spirit and i'm telling you.... I've never been in a room where the spirit was so strong before.  It literally was shaking the room, it was moving through every part of that room.  it was incredible! We left the lesson and both just looked at each other in amazment and shock.  it was so sweet! That is definitely something we are learning how to do here is teach by the spirit according to the needs of our investigators.  sometimes i feel like i'm not sure if I did or not, but I think if I'm tryin heavenly Father will step in and won't let me mess it up.  haha. The Role of the Holy Ghost is everything in lessons. 
Yesterday Richard Heaton (the administrative Director for MTC provo) spoke in our devotional and really stressed growth in spirituality rather than in number of baptisms.  Are your investigators really converted to Christ and not just you or anything else.  it was so great we were all just soaking it up! We watched a talk by Elder Holland called the Gift of Teaching and it was incredible!!!! i feel like i use that word a lot but everything about this place is incredible.  every day i pray to be refinded and everyday i experience a roller coaster of emotions but I look back and see all the experiences have taught me how to become a better missionary.  I know if i pray and ask heavenly Father for anything, he will give it to me if necessary and if i am sincere (sorry about the lack of capitolization in my letters with the i's-- the shift key is broken and i'm too lazy to care that much about it). 
HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MEGAN! I meant to write that in my last email but they put this timer on it and it kinda makes you stressed out while typing because you feel like you don't have enough time to write haha but secretly if you go over it really doesn't do anything...I know that NOW.  according to the clock i have 11:25 remaining, but to me i have all the time in the world muahahahaha!
k so anyway, I really am so excited Shea and nadine and makenna are back! i miss them all! and i'm super jealous you have a snow cone machine now! of course right after i leave! it better still be working in eighteen months! How's everything else going ??? i  hope you are all happy and enjoying yourselves
Thanks for all the prayers and packages and letters. They really help a ton :) i love every part of this place.  i've learned so much and will continue to learn and grow.  it's crazy to think in 1.5 weeks i'll be on my way to minneapolis. AHHHH that scares me. but i know he'll refine me and mold me into who i need to be if i do all i can.  The sisters in our zone leave tomorrow and Sister Goates and i are sooo sad! They have been like big sisters/ trainers for us! They really are the best we will miss them so so much.  One of them is on her way to Toronto as we speak. it's cra-crazy! But, they will be awesome missionaries :) we just love them!
We got a new set of elders (a district) and in two days we get another district so our zone will be huge! it's so much fun! but this week is going to go by so fast. i get so nervous when i think about it because here in the mtc i can mess up and it'll be fine but i don't wanna mess up with real investigators! haha ya, i know all of you are worried. But, i just want you all to know every single one of you have taught me something i've used to become better.  i think of you often and secretly--well i guess its not a secret anymore--i slept with a picture of our family the other night haha i woke up and right when i opened my eyes i saw all of your beautiful faces there! i don't really miss you per se (haha) but i think of you often and it motivates me to be a better missionary! i've come so much closer to my Savior and my Heavenly Father this week.  i've really had to practice what i preach.  i pray constantly and had an experience where i was feelin like such a failure. i was in class and just on the verge of tears which i have not had an experience like that yet and i just prayed that all the heaviness i was feeling would be taken away, i put my faith in the atonment and i'm not even kidding you, right when i prayed, i felt light. it was such a tender experience and i'm sharing it with you so you will know the Atonement is real. even for all those little things.  i love this gospel, i know it's true.  God loves us and the Savior loves us and that's pretty much the center of the message of the gospel LOVE! AND I LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for everything again.  hope all is well! Sorry this email isn't that exciting :) keep up the good work and keep being yourself! Use those gifts and talents He's given you and don't be afraid of them :)
  Sister owens
(k i feel like this email was really cheesy towards the end, i promise i'm normal)

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