Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Her first Email

Oh my goodness I am so excited to tell you all about my time thus far in th MTC. BEST. EXPERIENCE. EVER. It is kinda hard to get use to but I feel SOOOO happy here. Literally, I haven't even cried once (that's huge for me) I have daily spiritual experiences that humble me completely.  (okay, i've cried once because I was so overwhelmed with the responsibility, but the spirit just makes me feel so happy!)  It really is the Lord's work and I couldn't feel more humble to be apart of it.  Mom, Dad, You should definitely go on a mission! Sister Goates and I (who by the way is my friend from OAKCREST! Miracle!) sat next to two older ladies who were both widows and both of them decided to go on missions.  Except they are doin temple missions, which would be soooo awesome!!! :) They are going to be ordinances workers in the DC temple and the Guatemala temple.  You folks should really consider that one :) it would be so helpful to the Church and an amazing experience too. 
Anyway, So I gotta run but I love you all! (just kidding!) There is so much to tell.  Sister Goates and I were definitely meant to be companions.  It was such a relief to have her as my companion because we already love each other and we seriously think the exact same.  We have learned so much here so far and I have never felt so humbled and inadequate in my life. I know nothing I feel like, but as I have fallen back on my testimony of the Savior I know if the only thing I can do is testify to these investigotors, He'll do the rest.  The Spirit is the most important instrument to have so if you are planning on serving a mission, figure out how the Spirit speaks to you.  Also, be humble.  I have had to really turn my heart over the the Lord and trust in His love.  Every day I have to remind myself I am only His instrument.  I'm doing all I can and He will consecrate my efforts. And Every single day Sister Goates and I will see all these Sisters and Elders with name tags we can't even understand and look and each other and say, "I'M SO GLAD I'M SPEAKING ENGLISH!" haha But, seriously, God knows exactly where we need to be and I can't wait to go to Minnesota and teach of His love and of our Savior's love to those people who don't know.  THE GOSPEL IS TRUE! And it centers around the Love of Christ and Heavenly Father.. Never forget He loves you. 
So everyone kept telling us just make it until sunday, and we kept thinking "okay..." because the first few days were pretty overwhelming in terms of you realize how much you really don't know... ha ya... but, we made it until Sunday! and BOY WERE THEY RIGHT! We had an MTC conference and devotional yesterday and seriously Sister Goates and I have been praying for answers because we have felt like we were not getting anywhere with our lessons and knowing what to teach our investigators and we pretty much have the smartest district in the MTC (seriously, the elders are GENIUS!) They know the scriptures and doctrine front to back and us sisters are more about the Spirit, but the elders have that too so you can imagine how inadequate we felt haha but we recieved so many answers concerning our questions yesterday it was amazing.  The elders in our district are seriously awesome! and It's so weird they are younger than us because I still feel like a twelve year old with nothing to give but my own personal testimony.  But, they have helped us so much.  We are like a lil' family here :) (home away from home) it's so great. 
Oh, President Lusvardi spoke at our MTC devo last night (he was my stake president at BYU the past semester) and he did such a great job.  he also mentioned going to Mormon Battalion site and said how in tune the sister missionaries were there and I thought of BRITTANY! (who whoo!) you are going to be an amazing missionary! Anyway, what he said was exactly what we needed to hear.  He talked about how you need to love your investigators and love the people you serve because they will feel that and it makes all the difference.  He read Mosiah 28:3 and I decided that will be my Mission Motto for the next 18 months and the rest of my life.  You should look it up and read it it is incredible.  It's really humbled me to be here in the MTC and to recognize God's mercy in my life.  I feel so blessed to be a missionary.  everyday I have to double check my name tag to make sure its real.  Yup, just checked and yup, I'm a missionary.  Crazy.  I'm learning so much! I'm learning how to teach the doctrine, but mostly how to teach to the investigators needs.  We have only taught twice but our first experience teaching was incredible.  The spirit was so strong and we invited him to be baptized and he said YES, he said he felt like he needed to be but didn't know why... now it's our job to teach him the why and answer any other questions he needs.  Love and the Spirit are the most important things when teaching.  You need to study the doctrine and understand the scriptures so when the spirit promts you He can bring them back to your memory.  That has been the hardest thing for me is memorizing scriptures and the doctrine.  But, I know with Him I can accomplish anything. It truly is His work, we are just His mouthpiece here to do as He would do and love as He would love and say what He would say.  I know I keep saying it but, truly, I am humbled.  I am willing to dive into the work and give Him my heart.  I love it here.  I feel SSSSSOOOOO happy I can't even describe.  I feel so protected and peaceful about everything.  It's really great to have sister Goates because each time we feel overwhelmed we just laugh.  We both would rather laugh then cry so it's fun.  But, we also pray ALWAYs here.  It's incredible the power that comes from praying.  I don't have much time so I gotta quickly rap up.... I'm doing great! I have never been more happy and my teachers are amazing here.  I feel inadequate, but so grateful to be a missionary. 
Oh, shout out to Kylie, cuz I saw her brother here and said hi! He seems like he's doing great! And I also met an ELder Patch who looked exactly like Ben and asked if he knew him, and come to find out, they are cousins so that's exciting! And Sister Neslen (Nesquik) we see a lot so that is really really fun.  And I pretty much see someone I know in here everyday! it's like a high school reunion only more better :) The love I feel from my Heavenly Father and the knowledge He is willing to grant me when I am obedient is incredible.  too much for words.  Well, I send my best to erebody there and know that I love you and pray for each one of you every night.  Tell Britt thanks for the AMAZINGLY FUN package she sent me! And I'm pretty sure I saw her car pass the MTC when I was outside exercising on the field.  I love you! Tell Em hi and that I met a girl going to Phillly, PA as well so you could probably be companions.  Write me back when you can, but know that all is well and I love you.  THE CHURCH IS TRUE.  (also, Tell Had's I miss her! And Lucas, And carter, and Kenna!) Never forget the love God has for you.  He is so merciful.  Sorry if this is really long... I just wanna write to you all the experiences I've had here! Ah! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! :)
   Sister Owens (whoo whoo!)

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