Saturday, May 26, 2012

I've Arrived


I have arrived safely in Minnesota! It is beautiful here and so very green! We left the MTC at 5 this morning and got here about noon.  It's been a long day but oh so good! We got to go straight from the airport to the college campus where we practiced our street contacting. It was so much fun. The sister I was with was fantastic and taught me a lot.  It's amazing because I just want to talk to every person that walks past, but we talked to a few who were so amazing. Anyway, I have to keep this short but its been a good day! I am about to go meet my trainer so pray for me! I think she'll be great! I love you all so much and hope I can make you proud but most importantly make my Heavenly Father proud. I LOVE YOU! 

   Sister Owens

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