Monday, May 21, 2012

Minnesota bound!

Hey Family,

Thanks for all your emails and letters! I really appreciate it! I love hearing how life is going for everyone and it motivates me to be a better missionary too. Tell the Wadsworths thanks for the other package of cookies! They were really good :) and healthy so thats a plus :) And thank you mom for that package of goodies and things I needed.  It helped so much! And Kylie and Taryn for the delicious oreos-- seriously made my day! :) I've eaten pretty much the whole box but that shouldn't surprise anybody... sadly.
So this week was fantastic once again.  It went by way to fast! I can't believe I leave in 48 hours! I am kinda freaking out but I feel peace about everything and know it's all in His hands.  If it was up to me i'd definitely fail, but it's not about me.  As long as I put my confidence in Him then everything will be fine :) Thats something I have to remind myself every day haha Last tuesday Elder Perry came and spoke at our devotional and it was AMAZING. He talked about the Priesthood and the importance of its restoration and the power of it.  I love the priesthood! ha but seriously, I kept thinking back to so many experiences we've had with the priesthood and I can not doubt one bit that it is not the power of God.  It's incredible. Without the priesthood our church would be nothing but a name.  The thing that impressed me the most was when Elder Perry bore his testimony at the end of his talk.  He had been so soft spoken the whole time and then at the end his voice was so powerful (i jolted awake--jk but kinda).  We had an experience this week as well with our district, several experiences actually... Sister Evans (convert from Michigan) mom has lung cancer and has had it for a while now.  She wasn't getting any letters or emails from her mom and so she was getting really worried.  The Elders gave her a blessing of comfort which helped her a lot and she was able to call her family and talk with them... they said her mom is in the hospital and will most likely pass away there.  Watching her go through this really opened my eyes. She has been THE strongest person I've ever come in contact with.  She's the only convert in her family and she decided to serve a mission even amidst her mom being so sick and so many other things going on.  She has been such an example to me of putting faith and trust in the Lord.  It's been incredible to watch her.... We've been praying and fasting as a district for her and her family and I know it's helping because she says she feels so much better about everything.  She's truly amazing.  Also, Sister Jeppsen lost her voice earlier this week and we were planning on singing in Sacrament meeting so she recieved a blessing and honestly the next day at church her voice came back enough to give a short talk and sing with us.  The Priesthood is real.  Thanks Shea, Nathan, Colton, and Dad for being worthy to hold it.  I'm so glad I can turn to you whenever I need help with anything.  I love you.
I feel so blessed.  Sis. Goates and I talked about this and we decided to start saying one prayer of gratitude everyday (just things we are thankful for).  It has opened our eyes and softened our hearts to the amazing tender mercies and blessings He has given each of us every day.  Sometimes I wonder why I have been so blessed, but then I just remember where much is given much is required and I know it's because I am suppose to dedicate my life in the service of God.  He's given me much so now I have to go forth and give it all back to others and to Him.  Everyday I have to remember to look outward.  We heard a devotional given by Elder Bednar yesterday called the "Character of Christ." It was AAAAMAZING. He talked about how Christ, in every situation in life turned outward and never inward. He overcame the natural man who would normally blame others and feel sorry for himself, but Christ never gave himself a second thought.  He was constantly thinking and praying and healing others.  It's incredible to think about.  Elder Bednar was pretty straight up with saying "This work is not about you. Who cares about you?" haha It was a good slap in the face though.  This work is most definitely not about me.  I am constantly striving to forget myself and go to work and when we do that He will bless us, but the blessing shoudn't be the motivation.  He should be the motivation.  He talked about the difference between conversion and testimony.  A testimony is only the beginning.  Testimony is knowing its true, but conversion is being consistently true to what we know.  Be consistenly true! Become converted through Christ.  Conversion is turning away from the natural man. Turn back to God through the Atonement.  It will take time, but strive to be truly converted. make it apart of you.
yesterday we had another devotional and the Provo Temple President and his wife came and spoke. It was so amazing! The temple is so great! It's such a blessing and everything we ever do in this gospel points us to the temple and that points us to Christ and His Atonement.  And everything in the temple is sybolic of Him and His Atonement.  We are all trying to be like Jesus and He knows it'll take time, but it is very possible.  If we are doing our best, that's all we can do.  Always remember there is hope in the Atonement.  No matter what we have done or who we are now, Christ and Heavenly Father see us in terms of who we can become.  Try to see yourself as God sees you with all the potential in the world.  Don't ever forget your divine nature. 
Funny story that happend this week.  Sister Goates and I were minding our own business taking a shower at night (probably about 9:15pm.) and all of the sudden we hear this beeping and lights start flashing and then we smell smoke! Luckily I was pretty much dressed (at least had my robe and clothes underneath), but sister Goates was still in the middle of her shower! She said, "Sister Owens what am I suppose to do???!!" We just start laughing and I told her to put on her robe and lets go! So we ran to our rooom and she slipped on some pants (can you say commando?) and I slipped on a t shirt and pants and we run outside with our crazy wet hair.  At first we just thought it would be just the girls from our building but quickly found out that elders and sisters were in the building for classes when the alarm went off.  So poor Sister goates is walking around in her robe outside! Luckily it was still dark and we were only there for a few minutes but everyone kept saying "did you see that girl in her robe??" hahahahahha it was SOOO funny! We were all dying! The sad part is I guess the alarm had gone off because someone burned popcorn on our floor... all that for nothing! We could've taken our sweet time! but, anyway, good memory. 
so... I don't really know what else to say other than I love you and am so grateful for all your support and love.  You make me a better person and I'm grateful for you every day. The next time I write you I will be in Minnesota! WHAAAT??? It's gonna be crazy stuff, but I'm so excited. I just know the Lord is preparing the people's hearts for the gospel and people on the other side are working and praying too.  This work is amazing. His gospel is amazing and is the only way we can gain salvation.  You all can be missionaries as well! That's something I've learned this week is how important the members are in missionary work.  Pray to find someone who needs to hear the gospel because its for everyone and don't be afraid to share it. IF you truly love those people you will want them to taste of the love and joy that God wants for them.  But, most importantly make it apart of you.  Become as the Savior.  Become converted and let His image in your countenance. 
This gospel is true, Christ lives, and God loves us.  The Book of Mormon is true, pray is real, Joseph Smith is a true Prophet, and Thomas S. Monson leads and guides this church today.  I have no doubt in the goodness of this gospel.  Remember who you are, who you represent, and why you are here.  You all have a specific purpose in life.  Truse in the Lord and give it your all everyday.  Learn of Christ and make Him a part of you.  I love you all! Sorry this letter is FOREVER long. There is just always so much to tell you!
  Sister Owens

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