Tuesday, October 30, 2012


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From: Kristen Owens
Date: Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 11:00 AM
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Hello mi familia,

How goes it back in Utah? Did it snow there yet? It snowed here for the first time except it didn't stick :) it's just been super cold. And we have been bundling up! so mom....I forgot to tell sister Wilson to call you..... and I think she has already left.....I am so so sorry! But, I do know she is going back in a month or so to drop Brother Wilson off again...He is teaching at BYU again I think. I will let her know then for sure what's going to happen.

This week was pretty uneventful except we had a pretty cool tender mercy and miracle. We had a few minutes before an appointment and we quickly decided to stop by a less active member who we had never met with or heard about. She let us right in and we talked with her for a few minutes. We were able to go back a few days later and we read with her from the Book of Mormon. She said she just wanted to keep reading more! :) She also expressed how she wants to come back to church and wants to meet with the Bishop. We were so excited. I really felt like for the first time in a long time we were in the right place at the right time. The Lord knows His children. I just want to be an instrument in His hands so very badly. I want Him to trust me as much as I trust Him. It's hard sometimes not to get frustrated with your weaknesses (most times I feel like I'm doing nothing right! haha) but I was just reading in a talk today called Being a Consecrated Missionary and it talks about putting everything on the sacrificial alter, including your weaknesses. I guess I really need to rely on the Atonement more in order to do that. Really just give my weaknesses to Him and He can help me make them strengths. I have learned so much these past two transfers. Oh man, I feel so guilty though because I know I can be doing so much more and so much better. It's just hard to balance everything--seriously--that's the hardest thing for me. I just want people to accept the message automatically! haha but, that usually doesn't happen unless they are truly prepared (which is awesome). But, all in all missionary work is great. We are working with a few slowly progressing individuals and are really trying to find new investigators (if you want you can pray for us to find people who are ready). We are trying new things and working more with the ward and less active members. It should be pretty exciting this week.

Well, just letting you know, as I recently flipped through some pic pics, Sister Owens is getting a little chunky... just call me chunky fudge jr I guess ;) (that was for you mom and dad). It's too cold to go outside to exercise now so I feel like I don't get a good enough work out inside doing stairs...the jump rope is exciting though! :) I have determined to be better this week=more focused and diligent as ever. Really apply the counsel I receive and become a consecrated missionary! I hate feeling like I'm not doing all I can. It's dumb.

Transfers are next week==AH! but I think Sis. M and I will stay together one more or I'll stay here in the area...we hope at least. It's gonna be crazy! I can't believe it is almost November too! Holy Moly.

T dawg and S dawg are doing great. They are getting baptized next week on the 10th! They are awesome! Sister Mansfield and I pretty much teach all single men, it's pretty ridiculous and the elders in our ward teach pretty much all single women. It's super funny. Okay, I exaggerated, we teach women too. We really just want to find a family! oh man! that would be joyous! :) Well, the weather is dull but the work is exciting! I'm looking out the window at the dismal gray, but I really just want to go out and shout at all the people to come and listen! I was reading in that same talk this morning and it talked about a man who was called on a mission for about 25 years he served the church as a missionary in all different areas. he wrote in his journal that he desired to be serve in his hometown area so he could take care of his family, but he knew the Lord called him elsewhere. he said he desired to declare the gospel the rest of his life pretty much. I loved reading about his faith. He had his priorities straight, that's for sure. I can't imagine serving for that long and being away from your family for that long, except I do know the Lord provided for him and that his family was well taken care of. To serve the Lord is what we all promised to do--for the rest of our lives--to become dedicated servants. Will you please pray for me to have the faith this week to serve to the best of my ability? And I want you to know, I feel your prayers every day. I couldn't do this without you guys. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family who loves the Lord and knows the Plan. But, really. I am grateful everyday for you. I pray for you a lot as well. And I don't worry about you ever because I know you are well taken care of.

I'm listening to the song "FAITH IN EVERY FOOTSTEP" and I think it's my new favorite song. It gets me pumped to do some finding and teaching and baptizing and bringing people into the fold. This work is so great. Apparently our mission is going to increase by 100 missionaries in the next few months :) CRAZZZZZY. Ah. it's intense. There is so much work to do! Okay, I'm just blabbing on and on. I will stop.

so I miss you all and I love hearing stories about the lil' cuties. I miss them so much! I also love reading all the emails from my sibs, o wait, what emails? I don't get any! SHAAAAMMMMEEE! shame on you all. jk I know you have lives and are busy. But, a few words every now and then would be nice. I think Shea wins at being the best sib, he's written me more than once.....and mom and dad rock! Okay, so anyway.

Sister Mansfield and I are going to work our hardest this week! EVA! Bring on the miracles! :) the Lord is in charge! :) so, I am really trying to think of something to say that would be exciting, but I can't.....I love you all! keep being who you are. I truly know this work is great and needs the help of every member. don't be afraid to share the gospel in a natural and normal way, especially you peeps in Washington--you have a lot of opportunities to share this message--help the missionaries out please! Give them referrals. Help prepare your friends to hear the gospel by inviting them to church or FHE or other things :) The Lord needs YOU. Alright, I'm done. I am off to find a family. But, really quickly. I just want you to know that I do have a testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ. It is only through Him that we can change and become. His sacrifice and love for each one of His brothers and sisters makes me want to have more charity. He is center to everything. I know He lives and loves us. I know He suffered for us and I know He did it because He wants each one of us to return to Him again. I know this church is His church, back on the earth in it's fulness to help us obtain all the blessings and peace we can. and to protect us. I love being a missionary. It's humbling, frustrating, hard, wonderful, peaceful, fulfilling, and most especially, it's the best opportunity in the world. I love serving and representing my Savior.

I love you,
  sister owens

Monday, October 22, 2012

True Happiness

October 22, 2012

Dearest familia,

How goes it? Thanks for your letters and prayers :) I love reading about the goings ons of everyone especially the little ones. They are so great. I was laughing out loud picturing poor Lucas sweating bullets and Carter just smiling haha They are the cutest. And of course Makena performing boldly and perfectly her lines in the program :) And especially Hadlee doing her thing and entertaining the masses with her dancing and singing. I am so lucky to have such great nieces and nephews. The personalities of those two future nephews are going to be great! :) can't even wait for that.

This week was pretty good. We had a President's fireside last night which is a meeting where recent converts get up and share their testimonies and stories of how they came in contact with the church and their conversion. It's always so uplifting! We had three of our investigators there. Two of them are getting baptized on the 10th of November, but it has been truly amazing to see the change and their desire to repent and receive a remission of their sins. Especially one of them named T-dawg. he is from Liberia and has such a sincere desire to learn and receive forgiveness. He is incredible. We are excited for him to be baptized and continue to progress! He even signed up for the ward halloween party to help with the photo booth and he already took his picture for the ward directory haha he is so great.

I always think of things throughout the week that I will add in my emails home, but then I don't remember when I'm writing them haha ooops. But, this past week was good. Missionary work is always good. We are trying to be more creative in our finding efforts and President wrote a letter all about that so all we have to do is take his counsel and all will work out! :) lovely.

In a few weeks I'll have already been out a third of my mission! Call it crazy, but it is going by supa fast! I can't even believe it. I feel like I am so weak in so many areas and there is so much to do but not enough time. Ah! But, I love this area, I can't imagine leaving it. I hope I don't get transferred next transfer.... it scares me... I do think I'm getting too comfortable where I am at though so that makes me think some change is coming... I need to continually stretch myself in order to progress. The Lord is doing so much for us right now though. I was thinking about how incredible it is that He trusts little girls and boys to preach His gospel. And then I realized, it is not us that does anything, it's the Spirit. We just work to have the Spirit and the Spirit does the converting. How cool is that?! Thanks for your thoughts about Elder Bednar's talk on conversion. I love that too. A testimony is knowing something is true and conversion is continually being true to what you know. There are so many less active members who have testimonies but are not living in accordance with those testimonies. It's a little frustrating sometimes. I guess I don't understand it completely. Then I think about my own life and think, what am I not being continually true to? It's probably so frustrating for Heavenly Father to watch each of His kids not living in accordance with what they know. I have some repenting to do and some major changing to do. Oh boy.

So, you asked about Sister Mansfield. I will tell you. Sister Mansfield is AWESOME. She is such a rockstar. She is so bold and has so much courage (which is the opposite of my timid and shy personality). She just acts and does things even though it'll be hard and she is scared to do it. She loves sports especially volleyball. She is very athletic (except she doesn't like running in the morning haha so we do other things) She has a hilarious personality and always makes me laugh. She has a great laugh and is very open and friendly with people. She is pretty blunt and bold. I love it though, because I need to learn how to be more bold. She is definitely passing me up on being a good missionary. She came already trained and ready to work. I am so grateful for her as a companion. We are similar is some things, but complete opposites in others. It has been a learning experience to say the least haha She is so great though. Her birthday is April 28th which makes me 9 days older than her (and I act like I'm 10 years younger...probably..) She has one older brother getting married next month and a younger sister and brother. Her dad is a dentist. She has great teeth and a great smile (naturally..) I admire her a lot and am so grateful for her example. She has such a strong testimony and desire to serve and teach with power and authority. (I'm sure she gets bugged by me quite frequently, but we work it out ;) Sometimes I feel like she's training me! again! haha This experience has been the best stretching and growing experience. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father for allowing us to serve together and for allowing me this refining time. Oh man! I gotta get back to work! There is so much to do! This week my focus is service. Constant service. Taking it one step at a time.

Alright, I love you family. and consider this your follow up--HOW ARE THE FAMILY MISSION PLANS GOING??? And the missionary experiences? It does take work to prepare yourself for those experiences and I know you do so much already, but I promise the blessings are endless when you put Him first and serve. Keep up the good work and go forth and serve. Share what you know to be true! Everyone needs this message! :)

I love you a lot. And I think of you often! Keep being awesome.

  Sister Owens

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Atonement

The Atonement

Kristen Owens
11:01 AM (1 hour ago)

to me
Hey Family,

How's everyone doing??? How's the weather for you there? This week has been pretty exciting :) we set a date with one of our investigators and he is doing awesome. He is truly prepared for this message. We had a few investigators kinda drop off, but we are hoping to find more this week :) So I totally forgot to tell you the most amazing news! We had Gladys Knight and the Saints United Voices Choir here last week and Sister Mansfield and I got to help out with it. It was amazing! They sang so many beautiful songs! Sister Knight has a BEAUTIFUL voice! Holy Moly! It was incredible. Our members could only come if they brought a non member so it was fun. We had a few investigators there too and they loved it. It was mostly for the African American community and it was incredibly beneficial. They sang a rendition of "I am a child of God" and I want that song so bad! AH! Go buy their CD! You will love it! So something that is awesome that comes from the presentation is people fill out request cards where they will have a gift basket delivered to them of a Book of Mormon, a sample CD, and a Restoration DVD and guess who delivers them? "Ask the Missionaries, they can help you!" Yup, the missionaries do! So we got a few request cards (2 from investigators we are already teaching, and one from a less active member, and one from another person we didn't know). But, we went to deliver it to the lady we didn't know and come to find out her husband was a potential Sister Randall and I found a while back. We pulled up to the house and I told Sister Mansfield, "Hey, that's Benny's house." And she said, "That's where Sara lives!" Ironic--nope! So we gave her the most precious gifts you can give and have an appointment with her tomorrow night! We are super pumped. Gladys and her husband bore their testimonies and shared their stories about how they became members and they were bold about it too! :) some of the members from our ward brought friends and said, "Man, she was bold," I think it kinda shocked some of them. But, that's how it is :) This gospel is true, the church is true, and the Book is true. Who doesn't want truth?!?! I find it so interesting here that many of the Africans we meet have such negative misconceptions about the church. A lot of people think we worship Joseph Smith and stuff. Crazies. We are feeling urgency here in the mission and I have a renewed energy to work even harder. I am not holding anything back this week. I am putting all my laziness on the table. I am consecrating every thought to this work! There is so much to do and more people to find!

This morning I just want to share an experience I had, probably more for my benefit so I can look back at this letter and remember this experience...these are basically my journal entries.  So I have been feeling super overwhelmed, like heavy with who knows what...failure probably.. jk But, honestly I was just feeling low--promise I am doing so much better now thanks to all your prayers and faith :) I decided to sincerely pray and seek guidance and answers to my questions. After I prayed, I was directed to a talk given by Elder Holland about the Atonement. It really was a wake up call. It was exactly what I needed to here. I was overwhelmed with gratitude again for my Savior and realized I had been missing the mark. I had been looking beyond the mark like those silly people in Moses' time who wouldn't look because it was too easy. I had not been focusing on the Atonement like I should have. I had been worried about other things--missionary things--but little things that probably don't really matter in the end. It put things into perspective for me. My whole purpose as a missionary is to help people develop faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repent, be baptized, receive the Holy Ghost, and endure. Those first two steps are so crucial--faith in Jesus Christ AND His Atonement, and repentance. How can I expect my investigators to take those first two steps if I myself am not? Why would I expect this work to be easy, when it most definitely wasn't easy for Him? Salvation is not easy. It's quite hard! haha But, it is possible only through the Savior. I love reading in the Book of Mormon of all those scriptures about the Atonement. He truly is the only way, it is only through His grace, merits, and mercy that we can return and receive such joy as we have never experienced before! As I was reminded of this most important event in history, I came to recognize the love that He has for us. When we focus on the Atonement, all other things fall into place. That's my goal this week--think about, ponder, and share the Atonement of Christ. Share of His love and mercy and service. He paid the ultimate price out of His love for each one of His children, even me a small insignificant being. He loves me. And it is because of that love that I am here. I know, without a doubt, my Savior lives. He lives. He loves every person I come in contact with. My Heavenly Father lives and loves them as well. He desires so very badly to see them return to Him again. My heart is seriously so full right now! Ah! This gospel is true! It's true! IT'S true! IT'S TRUE!!! Go and share it with people around you! Pray for missionary opportunities and do it! Something that the families do in our ward is they write down what we call "Family Mission Plans." On those family mission plans they write certain goals they want to accomplish such as "pray for missionary opportunities" "invite a friend over for FHE" "invite a friend to church" "share a Book of Mormon" and other ideas such as reactivation efforts and such. These family mission plans are awesome. I encourage you to make one. Each one of you--Mom and dad, Nate and Cherise, Shea and Nadine, Colton and Megan, Nicole and Craig. Seriously do it--you will be surprised as you write them down and focus on them. The Lord will provide a way to help you in your missionary efforts. Think about why you love the Gospel and why it is so important to you, then seek to share it with someone. But, most importantly, be a good example of service and Christlike living. I know as you write down these family mission plans and missionary efforts, the Lord will use you as His instruments. Will each of you make a family mission plan? ( I'm going to pretend I hear you say "Yes, we will") I promise you as you do this, blessings will come to you in ways you can't imagine. You will have the Spirit more with you and your families will be blessed :) Don't be afraid to open your mouths! Actually, lets make it a goal together--we will open our mouths and talk with everyone about the gospel (I know it's different for you, but seriously, don't be afraid, be sensitive of course, but don't be afraid :) And next week I will follow up with you on your missionary efforts--if you wrote a family mission plan and if you've had any missionary opportunities :) and it doesn't matter if the invitation is turned down by your friends or neighbors, what matters is you extended the invitation :) so keep it up! I love it! Look at me, being a missionary and extending invitations, committing, and I will follow up (its something I am working on doing better here in the mission field).

sorry this is such a random long letter. The weather here is great actually! it's beautiful and I need to take more pictures because the leaves are gorgeous! I'll send some next week! It's pretty warm :) it rained for the first time in a few months last week and it was nice--yes I wore my coat and then I left my coat at a members home... whoops. So now I can't find my black coat, or my bright coat, but I do have my brown coat :) it's nice :) and I will get the other two back asap so no worries :) I struggle with remembering things sometimes.... But, I am planning on buying boots at target this day ("this day?" really?) i mean, today. They will probably be just nice fall boots, nothing heavy duty. Apparently it's not suppose to be super snowy this winter so I don't want to buy boots if it's not going to snow! But, would you mind seeing how much money I have in my account? thanks :)

Also, Sister Wilson is coming to Utah to pick Brother Wilson up at the end of the month so if you would like to send anything with her feel free :) I am trying to think of some things I might need.... maybe another beanie. I bought gloves and I have plenty of scarves..... hmmmm.... would you mind actually sending some CD's with Church music? They have to be hymns. I have been listening to the same Motab CD (Called to Serve) for the past 6 months.... love it, but new music would be nice :) And just send me some of your love :) and faith :) that's all I need ;) Thanks for sending my awesome friends' letters in the mail! I love reading them! They are all so amazing! I am so proud to call them my friends! Britt sounds great! And Em does too! And Heidi sounds like she's ready to take over the world! I love it! And I'm super pumped for Kait and Jay! They are going to be amazing missionaries! Oh my goodness they are! :) maybe they will be lucky enough to get called here :) probably not though... But, we'll see :) I can't wait to here where they will get called!

Thanks family for making me so very happy! I absolutely love you and desire to make you proud! Thanks for all your prayers and love, I would not be able to do it without you! And Happy late birthdays to Cherise, Colby, Grandma, and all the others I'm forgetting! And happy anniversary Nate and Cherise--you're getting old! Just kiddin. But, seriously. Where does time go?

so sometimes I just want to keep typing because I miss you all so much and can just see your faces as you read this....I'm trying to think of something that might throw you off guard but can't really at the moment. actually here is a funny story. A while back Sister M and I were finding and we started talking to this man who was a little tipsy... at first he was fine, but the alcohol really started to set in after a few minutes... he touched my face and stuff because he said, "wow, you are getting sunburned,etc" and it really freaked me out... i believe I wrote about him previously. Well we were stopping by a former investigator who wasn't home so we decided to knock on some doors around the apartment. we knocked on one door and someone said "come in!" (who does that?) and we opened the door and it was him! He was just making kabobs, no big deal. It was the weirdest thing! but, it made for a good story.. Nothing really came of it other than a lighthearted walk down memory lane. maybe he'll read the Book of Mormon we gave him down the road and seek to change his life--who knows! :) But, seriously, I feel as though I've tracted every street here and met every person in this area at least once. it's fun to go to the store and see a person you met previously--they avert their eyes and such :) haha it's really funny. But, I love them all! They are all nice, God fearing people, full of charity :) I couldn't ask to be in a better place here in Minnesota. I am here for a reason and I will do my best to fulfill my purpose. I love you family! Thanks for all you do! Hope all is well! Keep up the good work and keep being awesome! Remember I love you! The work shall go forth and He needs your help to accomplish His purposes! BEEEE PREPARED!

  Sister Owens

p.s. sorry i'm so weird.... i get in these weird moods when I write you emails....
p.s.s. I will pray for Caden this week for sure.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Kristen Owens
11:18 AM (54 minutes ago)

to me
Hullo Family,

The weather is getting a bit chilly.... and I "misplaced" my lighter jacket so thanks for the down comforter coat you sent! :) It's coming in handy! :) The leaves are BEAUTIFUL here! It's gorgeous!

Okay, so 18 and 19 now!!!! Whoo-whoo! I wish that revelation came two years earlier :) That is going to be so neat! I entitled this letter "Urgency" because after conference, that is exactly how I feel. The Lord needs all of us to be anxiously engaged in a good cause, to give all of His children the opportunity to accept this message. We need to all be completely immersed in the gospel and His work. That doesn't necessarily mean live a life as a missionary because that would be impossible. I think it simply means to lift where you stand. Do your duty and act. I know I have and will continue to repent of my laziness and all those things that are keeping me from being truly consecrated, dedicating my life to the Lord's service. I look at all the Apostles and the Prophet and leaders of the church who have truly given their whole lives to serving the Lord. I want to be like that! That is what this work is all about! Learning, living, and loving the Gospel. Oh boy, it gets me so excited to be a missionary. We watched General Conference at the church and members homes. The members here are so great. I was reading in the Book of Mormon about Ammon and a verse popped out at me that said, "...I desire to dwell among this people for a time; yea, and perhaps until the day I die." Yup, those are the feelings I have about Medicine Lake. I love it here. The people are so great, and the members are even better! We are really striving to build trust with them and get them more involved in missionary work. The recent converts are awesome! And we set a date with a man named....Jamal :) hehe. He is set for november 3rd! We hope all goes well. We are teaching quite a few people right now that seem sincere and promising so we are excited. The Lord is preparing people everywhere--especially Liberians ;) Oh the joy of being a missionary. I decided the week is super stressful, but by Mondays, I have forgotten all the stress and just feel happy! I think it's cuz I get to talk with you all :) "talk" meaning email. Time is going by too quickly. Urgency.

There is not much to report this week other than life is good! Missionary work is amazing! I love it here! I love my companion, my area, my ward, etc. etc. There is just some urgency to doing the Lord's work and doing it well. I am diving in this week to serving those around me. I am sick of being selfish and therefore have decided to repent and move on!

General Conference was amazing. There are always so many incites to gain. Elder Holland's talk blew my mind and I loved President Monson's as well. Sometimes I assume the life of a Prophet is easy in the sense that they are so in tune with the Spirit and direct revelation from God that He must just tell them exactly what to do and they do it--easy. False. They have to apply the principles of asking, seeking, and knocking as well plus they are in charge of preparing the world for Christ's second coming. That's a heavy burden to bear. I am so grateful for a prophet of God on the earth today with His apostles and leaders to guide us. They are men, but they are humble followers and seekers of Christ with a special calling to witness of Christ to the world. How awesome is that!?!

So, family, how are things going? Thanks Shea and Nadine for those adorable pictures and letters from your family! I hung a few pics of Hads and Makena up on my mirror to remind me to be happy :) They are the cutest girls in the world. Give them a big hug for me will you? And Carter!?! What?! That kid is so big all of a sudden! When did that happen?!? Give Him and Lucas a hug from me too. I miss you all so much! But, every Monday I am reminded how lucky I am and how blessed I am to be a member of such a great family. Then that motivates me to work even harder to help those around me so they can be sealed to their families as well! Ah! Urgency. Well, I don't remember if I was going to say anything special in this email.....other than I pray for you and I love you and hope all is well.

And can I close with my testimony? Is that lame? I just want you all to know that I know this is the true church. I know it because I have prayed and asked and seeked and knocked and I have felt the Spirit testify to me time and time again the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has the fulness of the gospel with Christ at its head. I know there is a God. He is a God of miracles and love and has provided us with a plan in order for us to obtain all the happiness He has. I know central to His plan is Christ. I know each one of us are given the choice to choose eternal life or captivity and it is only by choosing Christ that we can receive never ending joy. I know the Priesthood power is on the earth and I know I can be with you forever as I live, truly live the gospel and keep my covenants. I know Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ and through him the Book of Mormon was translated by the power of God. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I will never deny that witness I receive every time I read it. I know it teaches us how we can return and live with God again. I know God loves each one of us. He expects us to live what we know to be true. He expects us to keep His commandments so He can bless us. I know we all make mistakes (believe me, I know this), but I also know, Christ makes all the difference. He covers the demands of justice through His grace and mercy. I can overcome my inadequacies by relying wholly on His mercy. I promise to do my best to carry this message to the people here. Everyone deserves to know the truth and how they can truly truly truly be happy. I love this gospel. I am so grateful for a loving Savior. The Atonement covers all. I say these things, in the name of my Savior, Redeemer, and Friend, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Thanks for being examples of the believers! I love you!

  Sister Owens 

Monday, October 1, 2012


Kristen Owens
11:06 AM (6 hours ago)

to me
Mom and Family,

I know!!! JAZZER came to my Sacrament meeting!?!? I was seriously in shock and I wanted to cry, but I held back the tears. She looked so good and it was such a tender mercy to see her. The whole cross-country track team from UVU came, so that was fun. And it was the primary program, which was sooo cute! I love how simple the gospel is and how it makes sense to even little kids. They did such a great job. I LOVED it. And that last picture was sent by a member... we made jewelry at her house and she decided to take a picture and send it to you... so she's not a secret spy that made your phone collapse, she's the sweetest lady in the world! Anyway, I really feel like I have all these connections with people here... or the weirdest things always happen. I see a lot of random people I know, or a lot of people know people I know, etc. Small world.

And on Sunday we had our Sierra Leone investigators son with us. He is ten and is the best behaved kid in the world. We also had a part member family as well come :) their grandson is not a member and is 9 and their daughter who is 11 hadn't been to church for a long time, but they both came! :) It's super exciting. I like teaching kids more than adults... ha go figure (good thing I taught nursery in the Singles Ward! Maybe I am just not meant to act or be my age...I'm a true kid at heart) It was a good Sunday though. We had another investigator come to church who we should be able to set a date with this week for November :) whoo whoo :) We are super pumped to see people progress. I love sharing the gospel and teaching about Christ!

Last night, we had both of our appointments fall through so we decided to find. Now that it is dark outside at 7:30, people generally get pretty annoyed when you knock on their door--they think it's much later than it is, it's pretty funny :) But, one door we knocked on we got to teach the Restoration to a man who is a Bible teacher. We talked to him for quite some time about the Trinity and the Godhead and it really opened my eyes to how important having a prophet on the earth and the Book of Mormon is to understanding true doctrine. He was having a hard time accepting the Godhead as three separate beings because to him, growing up with that belief in the trinity his whole life, to have someone tell him otherwise is a big deal.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to read, ponder, and pray with faith about it. hopefully he does! That experience was in my mind because I remember testifying most importantly of my Savior and the reality of repentance and forgiveness. It reminded me again of why I am here. Not to just tell people these things, but to truly help them truly understand the role of Christ in their lives and how they can receive forgiveness and a remission for their sins. We talked about the baptismal covenant and what that means. How essential that is for us to keep throughout the remainder of our lives. It's frustrating sometimes because I feel like I understand these concepts, but can't teach them simply or clearly which means I really don't understand them! ah! It's a work in progress though.

So you are doing a biggest loser contest huh? Maybe I should join you....actually I don't know if I'd be able to give up my Nutella and pretzels.... it's the best coping mechanism for me so far... how sad is that?! And yes, I will probably come home 500 pounds heavier than what I left, but don't judge me please. It's amazing that you are starting that now before Halloween--all that yummy goodness you'll have to pass up! Crazy. I admire you for it though, don't get me wrong. You can do it! And I'm gonna guess the biggest loser will be.....not Shea (unless he loses bone and skin...so jealous), maybe I shouldn't guess, I feel like I'd offend someone haha but, you all will be healthy and skinny! :) that's my guess! You can do it!

And Makade got his call! To Tampa! Whoo Whoo! Runs in the family I guess! He'll love it there I'm sure :) And I really can't even picture Megan and Nadine with little bellies and 16 weeks seems really soon! Is it that soon!?!? Sometimes time is weird and I feel like It's been so long, but not really.

Elder Bednar said he would take a Book of Mormon and focus on one topic such as the Atonement, or Charity, or something like that and mark it accordingly... I guess he has a library full of copies of the Book of Mormon with his studies in them. I think that is so amazing! I tried doing that while being out here, but I seem to lose focus pretty easily... I love the Book of Mormon. It's so powerful. 

Thanks for the package with grandma's funeral program in it and the book and the coat! I am getting nervous for the winter, but the weather has been so pleasant here for now :) the leaves are great!!!!! It's beautiful. I want to live here in the future I think and do a bunch of outdoorsy things like biking and such :) it's great. Um...what else is there to say.. we are teaching a girl named Raquel (thats not really her name, but pretend) and she has no concept of God or Jesus Christ and she is Caucasian... which is not normal for around these parts. She is great though and agreed to be baptized on November 10th... right after transfers--hope i stay here! We are also teaching a liberian man whom we should be able to set a date with this week as well. He is sincere and our recent convert Brother Jesse is being an amazing friend and fellowshipper--sometimes I think Brother Jesse knows more about the gospel than I do! He reads from Preach my Gospel too :) he basically taught the lesson for us last time haha Anyway. He's great. Our Sierra Leone investigators are doing okay... we haven't been able to make much progress with them... they are both really busy, but he said he wants to be baptized so we'll see... We love them so much though! And it will happen :) it might just take some time :) which there is never enough of!

Speaking of time... I gotta run! Sorry if I bored you with too much unimportant details, I just love spilling my thoughts to you all. Thanks for all your prayers and sacrifices for the Gospel. Seriously, I am amazed at how much people give of their time, gifts, and talents to building up the kingdom of God. Keep up the good work! Oh, btw, I loved the Relief Society Broadcast! It was amazing about the Atonement and keeping our covenants! So great! :) I love you a lot! I think of you often and pray for you daily. I promise to give my very best to this work, no matter what happens, I will never give up, I will love the people, and I will always be obedient. If there is anything I can do for any of you please let me know. Tell the family hi! and Tell President Gottfredson I loved the email and advice, it came at a good time :) This refining process is slow, but it's amazing. I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves me enough to cut me down at times so He can make me into whatever it is He needs me to be. I am learning a lot, I never knew I knew so little. There is so much more to the Gospel than I could have ever imagined!

I love you! I'll stop talking now, talk to you next week! :)

   sister owens

p.s. tell Shea and Nadine and Makena, thanks for the package! I loved the Mamba's and ate them right up! And I especially loved the letters! Can't wait to meet my two new nephews! :) (holding kids seems like such a dream! I feel like it'll never happen!)