Monday, September 24, 2012

Charity never Faileth

Kristen Owens
11:04 AM (52 minutes ago)

to me

Monday Monday Monday :) Thanks for writing me TWO letters this week! :) Bonus! loved it :) Your letters were sweet and I loved hearing about Grandma's funeral.  I'm glad most of the family could have come for it. It sounds like everything is going well. I hope you you are doing okay too.  Tell everyone I love them and miss them. And give all of them hugs!

I was so happy to open my email and see my two FAVORITE brothers emailed me! Thanks Shea and Nate! (ahem...colton...ahem...nikki.
..) just kidding, I know you are busy with your own lives and such. I just miss you! You all mean everything to me I hope you know that. I could not do this without such a strong support behind me. I admire each one of you for the talents and gifts you have cultivated and possess.  You do great things everyday and are great examples to those around you. Keep it up! I want to be half the person you all are one day!

This week was great!!! We taught a lot and we had 4 investigators come to church! Things are really starting to take off. We are going to try and set a few baptismal dates this week with a few of our investigators and we are working with a family from Sierra leone we've been trying to set a date with. Their son who is 10 came to church on Sunday and loved it! (granted, we had a "linger longer" afterwards so I think he really enjoyed the food).  But, one of our investigators apparently stood up in Elders Quorum and said he is really considering being baptized into the church. So that's cool. We've taught him once.... and we are meeting with him this week and of course we'll re-extend the invitation and set a date! whoo whoo. We also have been teaching (2 lessons so far) a girl who is Caucasian (which is new from all the Liberians) who hasn't been to church since she was 6 and had no concept of Christ or God. It was a whole new experience because most people here know Christ and such. She came to church and is very open to the whole experience. She agreed to be baptized, so we'll try to set a date this next time :) being bold and such 

Transfers are this week and Sister Mansfield and I are staying here in Medicine Lake a little longer. The Elders (zone leaders) are staying in Medicine Lake too! One of them has been here I think two transfers longer than I have (that is a long time in one area--like 7 months).  I hope I can stay that long in this area though :) it's beautiful and we love the people here! We are hoping to see a few baptisms in the next month! That's our goal! The Lord will consecrate our efforts as we love and teach and support the people here. It's going to be a great transfer! Thanks for all of your prayers and love and support! Seriously, this work needs all the help it can get from EVERYONE.

Thanks for that scripture "Perfect love casteth out all fear" I love that phrase. We talked this morning about being more lovingly bold (it's a constant battle). We seem to beat around the bush a lot I think and so we are trying to be more direct with the message we share and being more transparent. If people are prepared to hear the message they won't shrink from it, but they will accept it. But, it does come down to loving the people enough to be bold about it. They need this! I don't want them to suffer! Mosiah 28:3. This week we're totally going forth and serving and doing His work. I'm so excited! Thanks for pumping me up for missionary work! Seriously. I LOVE THIS! AND I LOVE YOU TOO!

The Lord really does know our potential and strengths. I'm grateful for this challenge and opportunity to learn and grow and be refined a little more so I can be shaped into the person He needs me to be. I love in Isaiah 64:8 how it says, "But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we are all the work of thy hand." He created us, He is our father, He is the master potter. We must be humble and willing to allow Him to shape us to what He knows we can become. It takes a lifetime, but I am truly grateful for these opportunities He gives us.

I know this work is true. I know I can be with my family forever. I know the experiences we have today prepare us for the experiences we'll have in the future. He is stretching us, but, He will never break us. I know Heavenly Father knows each one of His children and loves them. We are all brothers and sisters and all deserve to know the truth. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior, my Redeemer, and the Son of God. I know He chose to suffer for us out of His "loving kindness towards the children of men" (YOU and ME). We can find joy in this life. It's not just about enduring, but about enjoying too :) Living the gospel and keeping our covenants is the only way to be truly happy and experience all that He needs us to experience so we may be prepared and ready to meet Him again. I want to live with no regrets and be able to hear Him say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." Sometimes I picture myself being received into the Kingdom and being able to give my Savior a hug. What a joyous day! I know that Grandma was able to do that too. It brings a huge smile to my face! :) :) :)

Anyway, before I bore you with my heartfelt thoughts.... I love you and pray for you and hope you know all is well. Keep doing what you are doing. I will write you next week! :) And remember CHARITY NEVER FAILETH.

  Sister Owens (It's getting weird writing my first name...)

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