Monday, September 3, 2012


Kristen Owens
10:15 AM (1 hour ago)

to me

First things first, I'M GETTING A NEPHEW!! YAY!!! And second, mom thanks for that package of yumminess (i haven't gained enough weight as it is) and one of the drinks leaked so we the letter in it was soaked and I couldn't read it :( sorry...

But, this week was great! We have found quite a few new people to teach so we are trying to stay positive and help them :) It's all about LOVE.
We have had some pretty great tender mercies happen. Each day we have prayed to be able to teach a lesson to someone, we've been provided an opportunity and been able to teach them! AMAZING. and we got 4 new investigators this week by obeying counsel from our leaders! love it.

So I don't have much time, but we are having a ward Labor Day Activity and we are emailing in a members home and they are going so we don't want to use all their time... but this week was great! We are looking forward to next week and this weekend our ward is having another baptism for a man who is from Kenya. He is a pastor for his congregation and the Spanish Sisters started teaching him and he came to know it was true and is taking the gospel back to his people in Kenya! He is such an amazing man! How cool is that story? Can you say the next ensign article??? I can see it.

Taylor the Latte boy is a silly song mom. I guess I'll just have to marry a taylor and it can be our wedding song. :) yes! Anyway, I love this work, this gospel is true. He is in charge because I mess up 94U0308423993 times a day adn get in situations that I don't know how to handle and somehow it works out.  Sister Mansfield and I are so much a like it's ridiculous! We have lots of fun together and I feel like she's training me.  She's awesome.  We learn a lot everyday and have relied a lot on prayer.  O boy. lots of prayer and fasting.  We still have lots farther to go though. I am just amazed at how much the Lord expects of us and how much He sees our potential.  He truly sees us in terms of forever.  I am going to try to do that this week, see people's potential in who they can become :) LOVE. 

And yes Sister Henstrom (Bishops wife) is cousins with the Hiltons and saw them. Sister Henstrom is AMAZING! She is the sweeeeetest lady in the world! It's crazy.  We love them! This ward is seriously the best ward I could possibly be in.  I am scared of getting transferred out of the ward.... I don't want to! It's too good here! :) But, I gotta run. I love you a lot. I know Jesus Christ lives and loves each one of us. He carries our burdens and wants to help each of us make it back to Him and God and live with our Families forever. I love you family. Thanks for your prayers, I sincerely feel them every day of my life.  I love you I love you I love you! Keep working hard and sharing the gospel.  Everyone needs it so much! DO YOUR DUTY VALIANTLY! Be bold and loving in all things! 

I love you,
   Sister Owens

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