Monday, August 27, 2012

Somos Misoneras de la iglesia de Jesu Cristo de los santos de los ultimos dias

10:49 AM (4 hours ago)

to me
Hey Family,

I heard you talked to the Wilson's! They are so great! We just love them! I am so jealous they got to talk to you :) That story about Had's made me laugh! haha poor girl. I hope she understands living with her family forever is going to be heaven! how sweet is that?

This past week was good! We are learning a lot together and many many many times I feel super inadequate and clearly don't know what I am doing as a missionary. I don't understand what's going on half the time so we have to go by the Spirit a lot--always. This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. But, Sister Mansfield is amazing. She is such a trooper and is teaching me a lot. I just hope I don't ruin her for the rest of her mission... She is great though! We are actually a lot alike--it's kinda weird!

We are teaching a woman who is planning on getting baptized in the near future. We had another baptism this past weekend of a woman and her son whom the elders were teaching. It was really great. Sister Mansfield and I taught the Restoration to the group and we were so nervous! She had only been out 10 days, but she did fantastic! We are both just learning a lot and I feel like I've forgotten everything Sister Randall has taught me... AH! But, I do know that your prayers are helping. I have not felt super stressed at any time and I feel this constant peace inside even though things are crazy on the outside and I'm giving all the glory to your faith and prayers on our behalf.  Heavenly Father is very aware of this work. I know He has confidence and trust in us, we just have to prove our availability and dependability.  It's just so crazy!!! Please, keep praying for us.... we need it.

I am learning how little I actually know and how many mistakes I make every single day of my life. The Atonement is so real though. As I truly repent and strive to do better every day I feel that relief and peace in my heart and joy. I love being a missionary! I love talking and teaching and testifying of the truth. I love meeting so many different people and serving members and non members alike. I love seeing the gospel change people's lives. I love it, I love it, I love it.  There is so much to learn and so little time! I can't even explain the feelings I have right now... oh man.

On a good note, we get to go to a Twins baseball game this Thursday for P-day! Today is our non P-day so we get to do missionary work today which we are super pumped about! Whoo! LOVE IT!!! :)
There are a lot of changes happening. Our mission President is super great and proactive so we are working on our teaching skills a lot more now. We are focusing on finding, teaching, and true conversion for everyone we meet. I love how much I am learning about setting goals and following through with them.  This mission is the best mission ever. I am learning SOOOOOO MUCH! My mind is blown and overloaded sometimes and then I have to remind myself of the simplicity and purity of the gospel. So i feel like these letters seem more like a journal entry...I'll stop... sorry.

But, being a missionary is awesome. I can't believe how fast time is flying by. I don't want it to fly by. There is so much to learn! Heavenly Father definitely sends us on missions to refine us and polish us a little more.

It sounds like life is great back home! The kiddoes are all sounding fun and cute (wouldn't expect anything less).  I miss them all.  Also, you better be joking about not telling me if I am getting a niece or nephew in a few months.... I. will. die. When are they even coming?!?! I need details people! and lots and lots of pictures! Don't stress me out more than I already am!
And yes, mom, I did throw up after finding out I was going to be training....HI! I never knew my body would respond to stress in that way. I seriously didn't eat for two days probably. It was bad. But, I am lots better now! We are having fun and learning how to become better consecrated missionaries.

I can print emails off but it costs money so I usually just read them on here but if you want to print them off for me and send them in the mail that would be great too :) mail is more fun :)
And you have a names sake huh??! CUTE! I am so excited for Ryan and Kris Anne! And one last thing....


Keep praying please. I love you all a lot and pray for you as well. I love this gospel. Remember how important you are to your Heavenly Father and how much He truly loves you.  This work is great and needs the help of every single member who has had a chance to accept this gospel.  EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY! Tell all the neighbors hello :) and that I love them. And tell Becca and Wanda thanks for their package I loved it! :) and thank YOU for the package as well mom! I loved it! NUTELLA! HI! ALL MY WILDEST DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE!

  Sister Owens

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