Monday, August 13, 2012

Every end has a beginning......

August 13, 2012

Every end has a beginning.....

Hullo My Dearest Family,
So start off mom to answer your questions we live in Plymouth, but our ward is the Medicine Lake ward :) And Saturday was incredible! Mom, the spirit was so strong at the baptism! Brother E and Brother and Sister H all entered into a covenant with their Heavenly Father and on Sunday were confirmed... it was a stressful Sunday btw because there was a complication with their ride to church and so they got there late... ah! we were VERY nervous to say the least... Anyway, President and Sister Clements came to the baptism and everything went so well.  We sang "I know that my Redeemer Lives" as the closing hymn and OH MAN I was in tears it was such an incredible feeling to witness the spirit so strong.  We had a great turn out and the ward was very supportive.  Two recent converts gave the talks and they did such a great job.  Afterwards we went to a member of the bishoprics for an African/American BBQ! It was so fun! The Africans are amazing in our ward. They really are incredible.  And the food was SPIC-AY!  But, Saturday was probably hands down the best day on my mission thus far--and definitely the best baptism I've been to ;) I love them all so much and am so happy that they entered into that covenant with Heavenly Father. 
SO.......kinda got some big news to tell you all......Sister Randall is leaving to go home tomorrow!!!! And President called Sunday afternoon with some jaw dropping, heart stopping, tear jerking news....I'M TRAINING this next transfer!!!!! Can you say WWWWWHHHHAAAATTTT?!?! Um, hi..... I don't know what I'm doing as a missionary!!!! How am I suppose to teach someone else how to be a missionary???? So many, many, many, many prayers would be much appreciated--mostly for the sister who I will be serving with because I already feel so bad for her... ha.  It was kinda a funny story because when you train President calls on Sunday's but transfer calls are on monday. And if you train you don't get a call monday. So this morning (Monday) we get a call and my first thought was "YES! He changed his mind!" and then come to find out it was an accidental phone call.............. funny joke huh? I've been praying for more confidence and faith in my heart because I feel like Satan really drags me down with negative thoughts about myself and it drives me crazy.  I want nothing more than to be confident in who I am as a Daughter of God and as a Disciple of Christ.  This will be such a learning experience and He will definitely be stretching me as far as I can go, but I do have a calm feeling right now as I am typing this.  Everything will be okay (I think). This really is His work, and He is in charge, and I will give it my all and do my best to help Sister _____ become a diligent, hardworking, obedient, loving missionary.  I am so far from being perfect--IT DRIVES ME CRAZY--but, I do know that I am going to learn to rely on my Savior and my Heavenly Father and the Spirit these next few months.  If you could just really keep us in your prayers that would be great.  There are so many things I am still learning and I feel like I have no idea how to do, but I know we are not alone in this and I really know angels will be our guides to find those whom He has prepared.  It's not just about doing missionary work, but becoming a missionary or disciple of Jesus Christ.  I have a lot of refining to do....hence, why I probably get to train....ahhhhhh. ahhhhhh. ahhhhhh. those are my thoughts right now.... AAAAHHHHHH!
On a brighter note, we have two more baptisms this weekend! And Sister ___ and her son are more ready than ever! They are the cutest and really were very prepared for the gospel.  We are trying to prepare him for a mission actually :) So the new sister that comes gets to witness the baptism of some pretty incredible people and they are my favorite people ever.  Sister Randall is already finished with her letters and waiting for me to finish because she leaves tomorrow!!!! I'm not gonna lie, if I wasn't gonna be training I would probably be a little trunky.....
But, I love you so much family. You are incredible examples to me.  Keep being who you are meant to be. Never forget your purpose for being here.  Stay focused and endure to the end.  God is always there for us.  He sent His Son out of love for YOU. And Christ came willingly out of love for YOU as well.  He has walked in your shoes.  For that I am so humbled and grateful to know..... I would be nowhere without this gospel and without my Savior.  Once again, just please pray for me...I'm going to need all the faith and prayers I can get.... 1 ne 17:50 I'll work to have the faith like NEPHI and expect miracles! Heavenly Father is in charge now.... I have the choice to be diligent and obedient in this work and that is what I'll do. 
Tell everyone else hello and I love them. Please continue to write, even if it's just a short paragraph in the mail...I think I'll really need the support these next few weeks.... I LOVE YOU! Thanks for being such a great family!
 Sister Owens

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