Monday, September 10, 2012

The best is yet to come

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey family,

So I didn't receive any information from any of you via email this about depressing! So I am going to assume all is well (?) if it's not I know you will tell me. This week was pretty uneventful other than lots of opposition, but Sunday was awesome. We had three investigators to church and found a new investigator that night! Sister Mansfield is a go getter and is not afraid of anything. She is teaching me so much! I honestly feel as though she is training me... but, seriously.  She is great! We had a lot of meetings this past week and they were all so great. We are focusing on teaching the principles of the gospel simply and intensely and I feel as though the Lord is preparing us for bigger things this week.  We are trying to stay diligent and obedient and trying to help bring others unto Christ.  Sometimes I feel as though I get caught up in the little things of missionary work such as the daily numbers and the stinky choices people make to reject the gospel message.  (boo.) But, I have to remember, this is His work, this is His time, and these are His children.  We are only here to serve and give our best effort in helping them realize and recognize their potential and help them come unto Christ. 

This letter will probably be short, since there is not much to respond to.... ha but, I love you all so very much.  I pray for you often and hope all is well there. We had a funny experience yesterday.  We were talking to this man who was outside as we were walking to go visit a less active member and we started talking and instantly recognized he was a little tipsy.... well, he asked us a lot of questions about the church and we gave him a pamphlet and Book of Mormon and taught a brief lesson to him and he was very open to listening, but he was not obviously in his right mind. He looked at me and said, "man you are totally getting sunburned." he then proceeded to take his hand and touch my face (pressing his finger on my forehead) to prove the color difference.  It completely shocked me! I think I took a few steps back! Ah! It was hilarious though! He was crazy. Funny story for the week.  Then we had a cool night where we were finding and decided to knock on this door. We started talking to this woman and Sister Mansfield asked if we would be able to come in for a few minutes and share our message.  She said yes and we were both in shock because no one ever tells us we can haha we went in and taught a brief lesson to her and are going back to teach her more. She has a desire to learn more about Christ and God in her life and how that can help her be happier. We really are thrilled! It was such a miracle and tender mercy! We are excited to go back and teach her!

Please pray for us.  I know you do, but those prayers really do help.  There is so much to be thankful for. I'm going to be honest, this past week was a bit discouraging, but we move on and keep going! The Lord is in charge and as we do our very best, good things will happen.  The work is progressing and we are doing our best to help the Lord. He has prepared people and we just need to be prepared to find them.  Thanks for all your amazing examples of love and support and diligent sacrifice and service.  I am so blessed to have such a supportive family.  When the going gets rough, the rough get going! Done.  Moving on! :) Life is great. At the end of the day I think to myself, "I have never been happier." Serving the Lord with all diligence of might, mind, heart, and strength is the most rewarding thing I've ever done.  I am so grateful to my Savior who makes up for all the things I lack. I have never felt the reality of the Atonement more in my day-to-day life than I have while being on my mission.  I could not do this without Him. ever. I do have a testimony of this work. I know this Church is true. I know God lives and loves each one of us.  I know because He loves us He sent His Son Jesus Christ to Atone for our sins, pains, weaknesses, sicknesses, and everything else we go through so that we could access His sacrifice and become clean again.  I know I can return and live with my family and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again one day if I hold out faithful to the end, repent daily, consistently renew my covenants, listen to the Spirit moment-by-moment, and endure with a steadfast hope in Christ.  There are good things to come.  We just need to remember the reality of His sacrifice each day.  I am so glad and privileged to be serving my Lord.  There is no greater calling in the church then to be set apart as a missionary.  Thanks for everything you have taught me, especially about who I am as a child of God.  There is so much hope in the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tell Grandpa and Grandma thank you so much for the love and support they have shown me.  I love them so much.  I love you Nathan, Cherise, Lucas, Carter--(btw, we met a man with a grandson named Carter who was Carter's age and I totally missed my nephew's sweet little voice!), Nadine, Shea, Makena, little babe, Megan, Colton, Hads, and Kris (eh, eh?), and Nicole, and Craig (I guess), and little babe (eh? eh? I'M KIDDING!).  And especially you Mom and Pops.  I hope to make you all proud.  You are da best!!!! :)

Enjoy your week of fall (before the real trials hit aka WINTER!) :) love you love you love you love you love you!

  Sister Owens

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