Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"It's okay, I'm already voting for him"

From: Kristen Owens <kristen.owens@myldsmail.net>
Date: Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 11:44 AM
Subject: "It's okay, I'm already voting for him"

Helloooo all ya'll,

How's everyone doing back in the good ole heat in Utah? or wherever you are... It has been very humid here recently--good for my skin, bad for my acne ridden face (jk it's not that bad), but sometimes I feel like I'm drinking water just by breathing. I love it. This past week was pretty exciting--there's always ups and downs--but I seem to only remember the ups! So that's good :)

I had quite a few first this week--First Restoration lesson taught (success...), First exchange, first time leading the area, first time having someone make fun of my missionary shoes, and first time speaking in church (surprise!) I'll start from the beginning: We taught Martha again this week and taught her the restoration and gave her a BoM in French and she seemed pretty excited :) it was great. I love talking with people.  Second: we went on exchanges and Sister Randall left the area for me to lead for 24 hours--talk about stress! but, it all went well, we only had one appointment :( and then tracted for a while and other things missionaries do, but it was fun to get to know a different sister missionary.  I was very stressed at first though, not gonna lie.  Then, this one day, Sister Randall and I were knockin doors and this guy opened the door and said "Aren't you usually boys in suits and ties?" and I said, "Yes, but there are girls that do it too and we definitely sport a different wardrobe." ha.ha. I'm so funny. Then he said, "Ya, the boys have suits and you just have..." (as he looks at our shoes--both Sister Randall and I had decided to wear our clunkers that day) "weird looking shoes." then he closed the door and we laughed so very hard the rest of the night! Ouch right? needless to say, I will still be wearing those shoes for comfort the rest of my mission :)

This other door we knocked on was great as well and therefore I have entitled my email after this wonderfully funny man.  We knocked on the door, a man answers, takes one look at us and says, "It's okay, I'm already voting for him." haha we started laughing and he started laughing and said, "bet you never heard that one before!" ya, it was great! Most people here are voting for Mitt apparently...

So yesterday morning we got a phone call at 6:34am from the bishop and he told us one of the speakers was very sick and asked if we could fill in--on Father's day! and I'm still so tender feely with the whole being away from family haha PERFECT. So we spoke at church and sister randall did an excellent job and I filled in the last 7 minutes with probably a few words, a few tears, and my testimony. I really gotta work on speaking in public. anyway, it was pretty exciting stuff :) I love the priesthood though and have come to realize how blessed I have been to have a worthy priesthood holder in my home my whole life.  Thanks dad for being who you are and doing what you do.  You have been a great example to me of how to become like Christ.  I love you.

Anyway, we met a few great people this week who we will be teaching this week so slowly our teaching pool is increasing which is really good! Heavenly Father has blessed us a lot for our efforts.  It's incredible to see how mindful He really is of every missionary, every member, every person, and every ward.  We just have to put forth the work and do all we can to be obedient and He will lead us to the people whom He has prepared.  I am still learning so so SO much. I feel like sometimes I don't know anything or how to be a missionary, but I have to remember this life is a refining process and it does not come all at once.  This week I've really tried to focus on the why behind coming on a mission for me.  I have recognized the love I have for the gospel and the amazing changes it makes in me and the changes I've seen it make in others.  Love truly is the reason for it all.  Every single person I meet is going through some struggle in their life and what we have, they need. The gospel is for everyone.  But, I've also recognized and continue to recognize (cuz it's hard for me to do) that people have their agency.  God has prepared hearts for us and even after we teach and testify, people still have their agency to choose whether they want to live it or not.  God is merciful and loving and will do all He can for us.  He is so willing to answer sincere prayers and wants to bless us.  The gospel really is so simple, yet it is hard to live it sometimes in a world that is so crazy! But, it is possible.  So many blessings come from living the gospel, I think I've taken it for granted my whole life.  Striving to learn and understand the Atonement in my study has helped me a lot and I still have a long way to go, but I know the love for the people around me and my Heavenly Father will increase as I study and gain a deeper conviction and understanding of the gospel.  I hope all of you are sharing the gospel at all times.  Invite others to come unto Christ in every interaction even if it's just through your example.  Live it. 

I love you and am so grateful to know so many wonderful people in this world. I feel so blessed to have so many strong friends and family members around me.  Keep up the good work and don't ever forget how important you are to your Heavenly Father and Savior.  Have a great week!

  Sister Owens

P.S. Mom, Emily told me about your exciting water fight and I imagined the whole thing in my head and thought, "typical" haha I love you! Tell Emily Hi and wish Anna Banana a Happy Birthday for me! I need her address!!! LOVE YOU

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