Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear Family


SOO I hope everything is going well there...I did not receive a letter from you this week...not very common...very confused. But, I hope you are doing well.  Thank you for being such a great family. I feel very blessed to be a part of such a loving, dedicated family and I miss you all.  Tell Grandma and Grandpa I love them very much and hope they are doing better...How is everything going???

This past week was pretty neat.  I taught my first lesson (whoo whoo) and we had a few other lessons as well.  An amazing miracle happened! On Sunday we had a zone fast for miracles to occur this coming week in our zone.  We are teaching a couple right now who had been meeting with the previous sisters but who they were going to drop because they were not progressing... well we decided to give them a try and we met with them on Friday and taught them Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, but we also moved their baptismal date back a week because they hadn't really been keeping their commitments.  John wanted to know more about Joseph Smith and so we planned to show them the Restoration video on Sunday night.  He came to church and when we went back to meet with them he asked why we moved his date...he was looking forward to being baptized on the 16th of June and he said he knew Joseph Smith is a prophet and he really wants to be baptized! my companion and I were in shock! haha but, they are planning on being baptized in two weeks! We have to teach them a few more lessons concerning the commandments and also just see where they are in terms of readiness, but they are so willing! Diana is 8 months pregnant too so we are trying to work with her and helping her see why church is so important.  She's a little more hesitant on baptism so we are going to try to resolve her concerns about it. But it's been such an amazing miracle. They are so good! Heavenly Father knows exactly where and what we need to be and do.  At church we got a new bishop so a lot of people bore their testimonies who were involved in the old and new bishopric. they all bore testimony of joseph smith and the current prophets... its was awesome! I'm so glad John was there because he mentioned all the testimonies that were born and how he knew joseph smith was a true prophet because of it!

Holy cow. So people here are so happy :) haha it's hard to really find people tracting but its possible.  We are really striving to build up a good teaching pool, but especially working with the members and helping them invite people to listen and come to activities and such.  Tell Nathan HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I love him! I'd also really appreciate a letter or two from the family.... yup.

So the DMV issue thing I need to figure out-I think you need to go to the DMV and have them send me a copy of my driving record where I will then sign it and send it back or something then fax it to the mission home... Could you maybe go there and explain to them the situation... sorry its so annoying. I don't have to drive for about 4 more weeks but ya...

Mom, I hope you are doing well. I love you a lot and miss you a lot, but I hope life is okay there :) I hope you are enjoying time with shea and nadine and kenna and all the rest of the family :) tell them hello! Remember we get to be together forever and ever if we are good :) whoo whoo! keep striving to become.  Thanks for teaching me hard work and faith in every footstep. I can't thank you enough.  I love you with all of my being and hope you know how awesome of a mother you are. 

Keep moving forward! :)

   Sister Owens

(Just a note so you all don't think I am a lame mom.  I did send a letter, but I sent it to the wrong email address.  O.K.  I guess I am a lame mom!!)

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