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Date: Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 11:43 AM
Subject: Gratitude
To: carolyn owens <>

Hello Family,

It sounds like it was a great thanksgiving! I'm not gonna lie, it was a little hard being with the Wilson's and their whole family :) it made me miss you (for the first time since leaving)! But, it was so nice of the Wilson's to let us barge in on their Thanksgiving meal with their family. They are so wonderful and so giving and loving. They do so much for us. This week was a bit rough as far as finding new investigators and none of them came to church! The little stinkers! However, this next week is looking up! It was fun to have Thanksgiving here and for the first time the snow actually stayed. It was super good weather in the morning and then by evening it was snowing! it's been a bit chilly ever since. Thanks for sending my big coat though mom! :) It is the best thing ever! And yes I bought some nice warm boots to go along with it. My companion hates the cold hahahahaha and she's here in Minnesota in the winter--super funny. She is so great though. She is super prepared and layers up!

The new counselor in the Mission Presidency knows the Renchers and I met him the other day. It was cool to make that connection. He is a really great guy. It's fun. The church world is so small. I always find random connections to people here. It's fun. So Makade is leaving on Wednesday! Crazy! That is going to be such a great experience for him--and he gets the warm weather too :) I am so excited for him! He will be a great missionary. I can't wait to hear his stories and experiences with the people there. He will love his mission.

I am learning so much since being on my mission. Especially this past week learning about gratitude. I have really been feeling like I've been in a bit of a slump and realized that by expressing gratitude, you are expressing faith. This week I have made it a goal to say a prayer of just gratitude each day. It really helps you see the positive blessings the Lord has given. I am so grateful for this time of year. I am so grateful for a wonderful family who is so willing to live the gospel. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to be a full time missionary. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. It's the hardest and best thing i have ever done. I am so grateful for a loving,patient, and kind Father in Heaven who knows us so well. I am so grateful for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Where would we be without this wonderful message of hope, peace, and joy?!?! I am so grateful for the wonderful plan of salvation and the plan of happiness. I am especially grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ who makes it all possible for each one of us to overcome the effects of the fall--physically and spiritually. I could not do this alone. None of us could. How great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the whole earth!

Our investigators are doing good. We are really trying to set some dates and help them understand they do not need to know everything in order to be baptized, they just need to gain a testimony and continue to develop that faith. We have a missionary senior couple in the ward now and they are wonderful! We love them! They will help the ward so much. We are so excited to work with them.

If you could just keep us in your prayers extra hard this week, that would be great. We are really seeking to find those kingdom builders who will be ready and prepared to receive us. I love you so much! You have no idea the strength that I feel when I read your letters. :) They bring me so much happiness! :) It makes me want to work even harder to find those families that are searching! I love you. Keep being awesome and sharing the light of Christ with those around you. Tell lil' Carter HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He is the cutest! :) I love you all! Thanks for your awesome examples of love and dedication to this gospel.

Love, Sister Owens

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